Friday, 31 October 2014

Profanity Usually Gets You into Trouble

This week, it got around that some guy or gal in the White House, had been using the term "chickensh*t" when referring to the Israel prime minister....Benjamin Netanyahu.

The question was posed to the Press Secretary to identify who used the term, and he kinda declined.

I looked over the story.  It seems like someone was doing a comment dump to a source with the national news, and used this "chickensh*t" comment in a big meeting.  It appears that some type of apology had to be worked up and pushed to Netanyahu, but it's not clear what was said or how it was said.

So, I come to my general history of hanging around Air Force guys for over thirty years.  "Chickensh*t" just isn't a term you heard or picked up.  I can probably only identify two guys who ever uttered the term on a frequent basis.  I would take a guess that it was their standard term of frustration to use.

I would challenge you to go out and ask guys.....just on a rough average, how many times have you ever uttered "chickensh*t"?   Most will stand there and note that it's just not one of their 2,500 normally used words in a month.  So you run through forty guys and end up finding that only one guy notes some use with the word.  From women?  It's probably one out of 250 that would utter it at least once a year.

Now, if you were talking the word "bullsh*t", that would be different.....more frequent, and fifty-percent of all guys utter this at least once a week.  Chickensh*t is different on a verbal commentary than bullsh*t.

I might ask is it possible that the President himself is the one who uttered chickensh*t?'s best not to ask that.  It'd just get you into deeper thought processes and is it really worth two minutes of your thinking time to consider that?

All of this gets me to a point....when you start to throw around's usually not going to mean much unless you dropped a lead weight on your foot, or accidentally flipped your new $8,000 riding mower over in the ditch.  Using profanity over some political guy?  Total waste, if you ask me.  But this is what got around in the news this week.....a bunch of news guys trying to tell this story about "chickensh*t" but they can't say it on the air, so they have a graphic behind them with "chickensh*t" written on it.  The clean word police?  So far, nothing.

Only in America.

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