Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Advancement of Society

There are roughly 13,000 medical conditions, disorders or physical ailments that affect mankind today.  I read that this week in some health article.  It's an amazing number of things that you could come down with.

Of the 13,000....there are 450-odd mental disorders.  These include: Dyscalculia (the inability to handle anything with numbers...even looking at a clock), Night Eating Syndrome (you binge and eat hefty evening dinners), White Coat Hypertension ( you get high blood pressure and freak out when you see anyone in a white jacket, especially a doctor), and Frotteurism (generally feeling happy sexually when you merely rub your crotch against on a subway).

A lot of the 13,000 are simply phobias.  These include: Dendrophobia (fear of trees), Ergophobia (fear of work), Kainophobia (fear of anything new....these people rarely buy new cars or furniture), and Plutophobia (fear of wealth, these people usually live under bridges).

Two thousand years ago, if you lived in civilization (central Europe, a small village of 300 residents), you had one likely mid-wife character in the village with some medical-related sense.  She might have been the worst person in the village to deal with, and maybe a nutcase half the time....but she had knowledge over roughly the normal one-hundred-odd medical conditions which typically affected folks.

You can figure pregnancy figured into the group.  Fever. Animal bites.  Broken bones.  Stomach issues.  Constipation. Simple muscle aches.

Over the course of two-thousand years, we've assembled a vast amount of knowledge over our physical and mental problems/disorders.

We can now take in some guy with anxiety issues which only appear at certain times, and rapidly get down to the point of diagnosing the guy with technophobia (the fear of speed).  This generally means that get him downsized from a regular car to something that is less sporty and thrilling to drive.  It's a silly thing and I personally doubt that they are more than a hundred such characters walking around America with this condition.

What happens over the next thousand years?  I would take a guess that we will identify over 100,000 medical conditions and disorders.  Some will relate to one single human being having a fear of waving flags, or air-flow created by a simple fan in the room. Some will involve physical changes in a person after a massive fitness episode.

The point of all of this discussion is that we just haven't stood still and said 'enough'.  We are continuing to define human almost one-by-one, and have no desires to limit expansion.  We are even to the point of advertising our medical services at unique situations....where certain doctors are there to only treat technophobia-type patients. That's how specialized we've become.

Society, in some ways, has become one massive disorder.

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