Saturday, 25 October 2014

This Shooting

This Washington state school shooting?  You can sum this up in three simple lines.

Fifteen year old, noted for good decent behavior.....wanted some girl to date him.....she refused.  She dates someone else, which gets the shooter kid all disturbed.  The kid takes a pistol (9 mil, spoken in press) and shoots folks in the cafeteria up close.  Cops come....kid shoots himself.

The anti-gun crowd?  Well, they can talk gun mentality, but it's not an automatic rifle.  Some comments indicate that it was a family-owned weapon.

My perception?  Based on his social media commentary and behavior changes....I'd say he was on something....huffing or puffing, or weed.  He's showing paranoid changes, like you'd typically get if you puffed a good bit on a joint of extremely harsh variety.  Toxicology report?  Maybe a month from now, it might come out in a public setting, and just lightly note some marijuana usage.  If you dig into the story.....he'll be some kid who walked into some drug usage and couldn't handle it.

Maybe I'm wrong.  But it has something about it to suggest drug usage.

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