Friday, 31 October 2014

Why Jury Duty Matters

Jury duty is a pretty rough deal.  You registered to vote.  You get an envelop from the county clerk to show up for jury duty with an ID.  You show up and they ask a few questions.  Of course, from that group.....they want to establish right off the are an American citizen.  If you aren' are dismissed.

A smart guy would pause there and ask the did you end up on the registered voter listing?

From the states of Virginia and Maryland, they apparently had a listing of failed jury members, who disqualified themselves over the past couple of years because they weren't US citizens.

You can imagine the shock here, especially by significant party strategists who just wanted to look the other way and pretend you could walk right through and vote.

All of this finally got figured out by a group in the region, who've decided enough is enough....they will sue in court.  All of this puts Maryland and Virginia judges in an awkward position.  There are two things in play, if you haven't thought about it.  First, you'd have to clean up the mess by forcing voter ID, which Maryland folks probably won't be happy about.  Second, this group of people who have voted while not American citizens (you can easily prove that point as well).....well, there is a $15,000 fine established for fraudulent voting.

The group contends....there's roughly 40,000 people in this mix.  Yep, the fine collected by both states could go upwards to $600 million.  Enough to pave roads in both states for six months.  Getting the money from the non-citizens?  Oh, I'm guessing it's practically impossible.  That's the amazing part of the story.....a fine that would get you nowhere.

What happens?  This cannot affect the 2014 election, except to reinforce voter fraud as they look at names, who voted, and who declared themselves non-citizens at the jury process.  The Maryland court will likely take it's time and get to this around May of next year.  The state will try to defend itself and delay this.  Figure no real court case until August of 2015.  The judge?  He'll come to an opinion by fall of 2015, and force it upon the state.  Appeals?  You attract a lot of attention by trying to deny voter ID....especially as you come into spring of 2016 and another Presidential election.

In Virginia, it might go differently.  They might size up the mess by the state legislature, and opt for voter ID rather quickly.

I have left off one other detail which a second group of analysts noticed in checking names from Virginia and Maryland.  There's roughly 14,000 dual voters from the states....meaning they are registered to vote in both Maryland and Virginia.

Part of this issue is that once you tend to stay on the system for two years.  There are fair number of people who get a job up in the region, and buy their original house in Maryland.  After a couple of years, they realize.....Maryland probably isn't as safe, or tax-friendly, as Virginia.  So they sell the house, and move to Virginia.  Getting off the Maryland register?  They don't tend to think about that.  Could some of these people have voted in both states?  That would be a curious thing to check out.

All in means that this gimmick of checking jury listings is going to pick up steam.  Those who try to just get around this and fix some way of an illegal being on the jury?  Well, all that would create a fraudulent jury, a fraudulent jury outcome, and a conviction that can't be sustained.  What idiot would want that atmosphere in his state?

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