Sunday, 19 October 2014

Yeah, It's Unfair (ID for Texas Vote Discussion)

I sat this weekend and reviewed the remarkable Supreme Court episode that unfolded.....a Texas law requires an ID for you to come in and vote.  Some members of the Supreme Court tried to get into the mess and stop the law from being enforced for this November's election.  They failed.

Justice Ginsberg wrote a hefty six-pager to argue over this Texas law, and it's unfairness.

I sat and looked at this episode.  Yeah, there is unfairness.

It's unfair that when I drive a car, I need to be able to show an ID.

It's unfair when I buy booze that I have to show an ID.

It's unfair when I buy smokes and I look too young....I need to show an ID.

It's unfair when the doctor prescribed narcotic drugs to me and I go to pick them up at the pharmacy, that joker clerk asks for an ID.

It's unfair when I ask the county office for a building construction permit, and they ask me to show an ID with the paperwork.

It's unfair when I get married, that the county license clerk asks for an ID.

It's unfair when I got stupid on Friday night, drunkenly married some gal from Natchez on Saturday and realize I screwed up on Sunday....that the county clerk asks for annulment paperwork, and an ID.

It's unfair when I want a fishing license, the county clerk asks for an ID.

It's unfair when I go to Canada, and they ask me for an ID and $438 just to get a moose license.

It's unfair when I go to get registered mail over at the local post office, and the blonde gal at the front desk asks for an ID.

It's unfair when you get yanked around to be on jury duty, and show up to find that they won't accept you just saying you are James J. Jones....without an ID.

It's unfair for a college or university to require an ID....just to register for French literature classes.

It's unfair when I walk in to claim social security finally at age sixty-five, and the idiot clerk wants me to produce an ID.

It's unfair when I go up to an airport and intend to travel that the airport clerk wants an ID before they hand me a ticket, and the TSA idiot wants me to show an ID before I get past the red-line.

It's unfair when I'm eleven years old and showing up at an "R-rated" movie, then they ask for an ID.

It's unfair when I go to an upscale hotel $300-a-night hotel and use a credit card....that they ask for an ID as well.

It's unfair when I've been over into Mexico for twenty-four hours of boozing, and the US Border Patrol guy asks for me an ID before he'll let me back into the promised land.

I would openly challenge Justice Ginsberg to show me how you can survive in America today for 365 days without an ID.  You can't survive now, without some form of ID on your person.  Gone are the 1960s......when you walked into the airport and just vouched you were so-and-so, or you picked up heavy narcotic drugs at Joe's Drug Store, or you walked into Louisiana State University to say you were Joe B Gile's oldest son (that was good enough).

I'm not sure what world Justice Ginsberg lives in....but it can't be America.  A guy can't make it today without an ID.  You can't graduate high school without a social security number.  You can't travel without an ID.  You can't marry or divorce, without an ID.

This political game played here?  It's for awful naive people who don't live in the same world as the rest of us.

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