Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Giant in Car Mechanics

For probably two decades....I used to listen to NPR's "Car Talk", with the two brothers (Tom and Ray Magliozzi).  They announced late yesterday.....Tom had finally passed away.

NPR in the 1980s.....had lousy programming.  Between intellectual and fake artsy-type shows, it was the AM/FM network that drew probably one-percent of the national audience.  At some point around 1987.....I can remember reading some newspaper commentary over the weekend show, and thinking I'd listen to it and see what the hype was about.  After one show....I was addicted.

Tom and Ray were natural talkers.....from an Italian family, and graduates of MIT.  They were THAT smart, and you have basic engineering, chemistry, and science explained in various ways that made sense.

The call problems?  After several years, I came to realize that the knowledge they passed down.....had sunk into my head and I could diagnose fifty percent of the problems that came to occur with my vehicles.

Tom was the guy who had stayed in science, and Ray took his vast knowledge and ran a mechanics shop.

Yeah, I was entertained, and educated at the same time.  Generally, they always gave 'safe' advice.....telling you NOT to drive an unsafe car, or when to dump the vehicle.  They would occasionally cross the line and tell what dealers were doing to trick you, or what crappy cars that GM was attempting to sell.

Somewhere in this mix.....I will admit that NPR had one really decent show, that was highly valued and worth listening to.  This guy and his brother made a show that took engineering, science and entertainment.....combining them to draw a vast audience.  And the world is a little bit less today, without the Einstein of car engineering to discuss matters with.

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