Friday, 21 November 2014

My Old Neighborhood

From the three years I spent in of the biggest deals of the community was the coming trolley-car episode.  I lived on the 'pike' and there had been a decade of people coming in....buying property and putting up new apartment/condo buildings.  Everyone was focused from the past decade on this project and how it would revolutionize the pike.

This week, as I noted in the news.....the county council finally admitted that local public pressure was intense against the trolley-car episode. Yeah, so, as shocking as it sounds.....they dumped the idea this week.

There was continued talk.....several hundred million dollars were to be thrown at the project which would have amounted to roughly four miles of a run.....on both sides of the street.  They wouldn't have even started this at the Pentagon (the starting point for pike buses), but in the nearby neighborhood.

The city council and the folks who pushed this theme for the past couple of years?  I'm guessing that the next election is tough, and they might be out of a job.

Why fight the trolley?  What most folks came to suggest was that one single element of Arlington was going to benefit, and oddly enough.....some people had invested millions to get ahead of the game, and win some 'poker-game' on profits in the years to come.

What can generally be said, during this ramp-up period.....millions were spent on the planning process, and was totally wasted.  The DC side of the same argument?  It's gone nowhere.....and there's some doubt if the DC trolley-car will be built.

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