Saturday, 15 November 2014


Over the last week, I've watched this Jonathon Gruber episode unfold on the Obama health-care episode.  As he kinda admitted on several occasions....seen on video....Americans are "stupid-enough" to be brought into a situation and believe just about anything you tell them.

I've sat and pondered over the term "stupid-enough".

H. L. Mencken once said..."Democracy is the theory that common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."  Yeah, he meant screwed when he said it.

Here's the blunt truth.  America only functions....if enough of us are stupid-enough to just make it work.

When you get all frustrated with taxes from your local county, city and state....try to remember that you were stupid-enough to elect folks into office to give you free stuff, and there is a relationship between the free stuff and taxation.

When you get all frustrated about environmental laws which affect your farm or pasture, you were stupid-enough to allow political folks to screw up the system.

When you travel via airports and get angry over TSA's were the one who was stupid-enough to put marginal Presidents into place and allow threats to escalate to the point of 9-11.

When you step into a grocery and question the pricing were the one stupid-enough to allow artificial price controls to fall into place and government guys to gimmick up the mess.

When you get angry over the parking fees at your local NFL football stadium, you were the one stupid-enough to go along with the city or county's inside deal to profit off the team.

When you get perturbed over dead folks voting in your local election, or finding out forty folks voted in your county election who actually reside in the next state were the one stupid-enough to think elections could be held without a voter-ID.

We hire people for DC jobs each year, to rig up things or build processes to ensure that stupid-enough Americans don't understand the system or the end-result.  We hire news media folks to deliver information in such a way, that stupid-enough Americans never get wise over reality.  We hire foundations to write fake reports over things, so that stupid-enough Americans get fake enthusiasm and support something of a fraud.

Hyped up?  Don't be.  If you want to solve this....don't be stupid-enough.  It's that simple.  Ask questions.  Read different sources.  Ask what the end-result is and how much it costs.  Just because one stupid-enough news reporter says it's a fact, doesn't make it a fact.

In the end, Mencken was right.  Whatever we ask for, we ought to get it good and hard.  And after enough times, we ought to realize the implications of a democracy.

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