Saturday, 22 November 2014

Watched a Larry King Interview

I sat and watched RT (Russia Today) yesterday.  Over an entire week, I might catch fifteen minutes of the network's news analysis.  It's slanted to some degree, I admit.

Yesterday, they ran a interview piece with Larry King (yeah, he's still around), with Chuck Todd (the new guy over Meet the Press).

It was like watching two guys at a bar.....half-sober, half-drunk....discussing their love and appreciation over President Obama.  Larry kept pushing Chuck along, to explain why the public has screwed up and lost favor with the President.  Both admitted in a thousand-odd words that they are just amazed at the graceful and intellectual nature of the President.  Both would hit at the right race was a factor and they felt it was unfair how the President was treated.

After fifteen minutes, I flipped to another channel.

Network news media.....even at RT....has become some comical feature to simply fill in empty space.  You can feature an interview with two washed up 1970s TV actors, a feel-good piece over some Bronx folks growing tomatoes on their roof, some witty English literature guy talking over George Canning's contributions, four women talking over Grandmaisms, or two washed-up TV interview guys talking their fascination of President's just NOT news.  We've reached the point where we just fill in empty space with second-rate, third-rate, and fourth-rate stuff that marginalizes our perception of the world, and actual events.

CNN woke up in the late 1990s to realize that Larry King wasn't pulling in the big numbers anymore.  But the flip side was that there wasn't any real candidate to fill his shoes.  By 2009....a fair number of Larry's audience had moved on.  And in 2010.....Larry finally watch Piers Morgan flounder around for about a year.

I suspect after a while.....Larry's interview talents were recognized as sometimes hitting the mark, but mostly just the same stuff you'd see out of some barber in Tulsa asking his customer what they felt about the NCAA bowl picks this year, or if it might rain tomorrow.

As for Chuck Todd?  I got the impression after fifteen minutes of his interview that he's mostly slanted, but does his best to fake you out and make you believe that he's capable of being some plain vanilla journalist.  He does a marginal job, and if he's still there at Meet the Press by the end of'll surprise me.

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