Saturday, 20 December 2014

Explaining this North Korea Thing Over The Interview

Alright, so imagine two youth North Korean TV production guys go in and talk the North Korea movie crowd into financing their big idea for a new four-star movie.

The theme of the movie will be two young North Korean reporters get this once-in-a-lifetime chance to venture to the US, walk around Washington for seven days, and finally interview President Obama....where an gimmick-assassination attempt will be made....possibly successful....possibly unsuccessful.

The movie crowd asks....where's the action?

The two guys respond....that the movie centers around the sexual liaisons of President Obama with dozens of interns who all happen to be blonde dimwits gals from Virginia Tech or Cal State.....freaky Secret Service guys with Baltimore hookers in the background....fake interviews with US Senators who are mostly dead from the neck up....lobbyists who keep handing the two visiting North Koreans free dope and cash....a CNN guy who is the accompanying guy to explain everything to the North Koreans but appears to be mostly a Democratic-party thug.....and a very happy hotel manager who is really a trans-gender individual and seems to be doped-up on pain-killers constantly.

Still, the movie crowd who should be careful about investing....asks...."where's the big action"?

So the two guys respond that President Obama's wife would be in one scene and confess her husband is freaky in bed and appears to have a thing for Hollywood stars.  In another scene, the two will catch a late-night Metro subway train and watch three murders occur over black guys who said the wrong thing to an undercover cop.  And there's a scene where some big-name handler of the President admits that the whole 2008 and 2012 election were all fraudulent in nature and part of a bigger plan to take over the Democratic ensure it fails miserably over the next decade and all connected to Karl Rove in some way.

Finally, the North Korean money guys agree.....and the two youthful guys make a movie where President Obama and VP Joe are shot by bumbling Secret Service agents, in a very graphic scene.

North Korea decides to market the movie and send it to possible US theaters.

How much whining would occur in the US over a North Korean movie with this type of theme?

So, just what would you expect.....if you did the same type movie theme on North Korea?

Yeah, that's pretty much the entire story in a nutshell.

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