Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The BullS*it-Meter Journalist

For about a week, I've been watching this rape-story episode with Rolling Stone.  Last Monday....there were tons of info that basically put the entire story in doubt....as a fraud.  A week later?  Basically....Rolling Stone has now said that the whole story is suspect and is laying blame back at the young journalist who wrote it.

Today, I noticed that the journalist....Sabrina Rubin Erdely commented that she had a "BullS*it-meter" and that she knew precisely when people were BSing her.  This came up weeks ago when someone was asking at a writer's conference and she responded that she knew how to easily recognize BS.

You can generally say something like this.....if you are around fifty years old and seen an awful lot of crap in your life.  In her case....being mid-thirties....I doubt if she's really seen people with bogus accounts of events.

This 'BullS*it-meter'?  Well....if she had bought it at Radio Shack....I'd be suggesting she go back over and try to get her money back.  It's kinda like those old comic book ad's for the submarine kit for $29.  You hear something like this and you just shake your head.

A bright career?  It's hard to say where a person goes next if your entire story is basically a fraud or based on some creative character who might be half-real-half-fake.....like Man-Bear-Pig.  If you try to hire up with some newspaper or news service....they will continually put a fact-checker on you and make you feel frustrated over the lack of trust.

So, this brings me to an odd topic.....all this stuff that she's written in life....could each have a element of truth and an element of fake in it?  You just don't know.  There are dozens of articles that she's written.....all having an element of negative slant on something.  Might various pieces of the past stories be fraud too?  You start to wonder about this.

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