Thursday, 2 January 2014

Just a Radical View

A long time ago...I used to respect professors.  Most of those I had from the community college in Tacoma and Louisiana Tech at Shreveport....were capable and common sense folks.  I came to realize after two brief years with the University of Maryland crowd....there were some nuts and losers out there.

This past week, some professor who teaches constitutional law with the City University of New York wrote up some essay....basically blaming southern-white-radicals for the ills of Affordable Care Act.  Gloria J. Browne-Marshall wrote the piece (2013: A Year of Radical Challenges) and likely wanted to paint the Duck Dynasty-crowd as the ones in the cult of the Tea Party and the bigger challengers of the Administration.

I sat there reading over the piece.  It's not the kind of product that you'd see from someone who spent a long bit of thinking over a process.  Thinkers take a while....ponder what is going on, and then render a simplistic view of a mess.  Her writing....was marginal at best.  The fact that it came from a the odd part.  But we are in the business now of producing a lot of professors, and it's hard to really filter out good and marginal folks from this production line process.

So, this all brings me to the key statement.....southern-white-radicals.  Since they exist....could there be Texas-white-radicals?  Northwest coastal-white-radicals?  Norfork-black-radicals?  Florida-Cuban-radicals?  Michigan-union-radicals?  Jersey city-mafia-radicals?  Chicago-thug-radicals?  Utah-Mormon-radicals?  Huntsville-NCAA-radicals?  Black-urban-radicals?  Seattle-fascist-radicals?  Tennessee-Jehovah-radicals?  New York City-news media-radicals?  LA-Latino-radicals?

Well....yeah.  The US has a bunch of radicals.  Probably over three hundred million.

The professor may not like to bring this up....but we've all become a bit radical over the last fifty years.  We kinda's us versus them, in most cases now.

We walk into town halls and raise a fuss about some lousy city park.  We get all peppy about the NCAA bowl process.  We can't understand why our medical insurance went up $900 in one year, and our deductible tripled up from $1,500 to $5,000.  We don't think higher taxes are fair.  We doubt our local elected officials.  And we think a bunch of folks working for public include some local college....are making way more than they should.

In short, as radical as our beliefs are....we are becoming anti-radical.  Hitting on the other makes sense.

I hate to suggest it......but we may have peaked out on this radical stuff or be almost to a new trend.

Just humble observations, from a southern-white-radical.