Monday, 6 January 2014

PTSD and Exorcisms?

I've come to some beliefs about PTSD.

First, I do believe that it is NOT a combat-created mental issue, where only guys in the military will be affected.  There's more than enough proof that any major traumatic experience....from a car accident to a plane crash....can trigger and result in PTSD.  Research is now beginning to show different levels and different triggers.

Second, concussions of some sort.....usually figure into this.

Third, some methods do work, and some don't.  This kinda leads me around to the idea of some folks having a physical ailment as part of the trigger, and some folks have strictly a mental and emotional issue as the trigger.  So the solutions that work.....aren't really working across the board.

So this brings me to this new topic.....exorcisms being used for PTSD.  The deal is $199.  Yeah, it's odd how they round it up to this amount.  You basically get a weekend with some minister (not a Catholic, mind you), food, shelter, a book by the minister, and a thirty-minute exorcism.

Some guys come out of the episode with a positive feeling.

The selling point?  Well....the minister says that demons are always looking for a way to enter your mind, and a traumatic experience is such.....that a demon just walks in and takes root.  Their exorcism drives the demon out.

I pondered over this.  The problem is that you can't define PTSD into one problem, with one solution.  So, this gimmick of sorts....might actually work on ten to twenty percent of the folks who have PTSD.

To be honest, a bunch of folks who don't even have PTSD (as defined).....might be better off with a thirty-minute exorcism session.  Whether real or imaginary....the results might be worth the expenditure of $199.

Tax-credit?  No.  Approved by the Catholic Church?  No.  Sanctioned by any medical association?  No.  Crazy? can't say.

My advice....for any guy looking for some gimmick or solution to his PTSD, and you've tried several of the prescribed methods to find no "relief".....well.....$199 is not much and maybe there's this slight chance that it'd work for you.  I don't think I'd tell anyone of the plan, or the agenda....just go out....say "hey", and subject yourself to a three-day weekend with the minister and his wife at the trailer.