Thursday, 9 January 2014

Simply Observations

Governor Christie of New Jersey has finally stepped into a self-created mess.  Back in least one of his aides (possibly several)....sat down and dreamed up a way of paying back the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for not supporting him for the governor's election.  The pay-back? Basically shutting down two lanes over the bridge going into Fort Lee.  This added a four-hour delay into getting into the town.  The tactics used here?  Stuff you'd expect from some teenage kid.  The odds of lawsuits now coming up for damages?  There ought to be thousands.  The odds that Christie knew about the punishment?  Unknown...but you'd have to expect some state prosecutor just itching to get into this.

Gallup did a unusual poll.....detailing out the voting ID of Americans.  Twenty-five percent of Americans now identify themselves as Republicans, and thirty-one percent as Democrats.  The rest?  It's an all-time record of independents.  The story here?  Tea Party folks.  This ought to worry both Republicans and Democrats.

The University of Southern California has a testing project which might change America forever.  The deal?  Someone has designed a giant 3D printer....capable of building a house.  The project manager says they can pour an entire house now.....with just a twenty-four hours.  Size and look?  Unknown.....they didn't get into those kind of details.  So you can imagine this in ten want a house on a lot....contracting out some guy.  He shows up.....asks for your design....feeds this into the system, and the robot 3D printer starts working.  You come back twenty-four hours later and it's done, except for drying out.  Eventual saving?  I'd be taking a guess that fifty percent of the house cost might be gone.....although the use of wood would disappear overnight for house construction.

Some smart guys at Nottingham Trent University (UK) went and did a research project over extreme video gaming.  They've come to an odd discovery.  Extreme gamers....the guys who do more than two or three hours a day....likely hallucinate.  Yeah, they think and believe things....which aren't true or real.  They even noted folks who admitted that they don't recognize colors or lights while driving....which means that an extreme gamer is probably not capable of driving.  This brings up a lot of questions......but it's doubtful that the public grasps the big picture of this study.

Finally, the World Cup soccer guys have a problem.  Their chief running the 2022 episode (in Qatar).....has quietly admitted that the normal month that everyone anticipated the games would be just too hot.  So he proposes it occur around three months later.  This sat off a blast of criticism from just about everyone.  Various European and Asian leagues are locked into their schedules and can't agree to changing the regular schedule.....even if this is seven years away.  The TV contracts?  Already written, and this really creates a big problem for courts to figure out later.  The committee that runs world soccer?  Even they got all upset that it was even suggested.  The problem here....if anyone has ever been out to Tucson in that you can't do much of anything in the summer months.  Apparently, no one woke up during the review board and approval say that temperatures are an issue.  Even in's still bound to be up around ninety degrees for a day-time temp.  Playing at night in July/August?  It's likely to still be around ninety-five to a hundred degrees at ten PM.