Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Aliens and Such

An Iranian news agency has put out an interesting story....detailing an NSA revelation that Snowden knows about....where alien space folks, from the Nazi-era of Germany....now control the US government (through Obama and his staff).

It's a curiously worded piece.  Basically....when the US and the UK beat Nazi-Germany in 1945....we whipped the alien space guys who were supporting them, and basically brought them into the US as part of a program.  The chief point of the story is that the aliens mostly reside in Nevada, and run the US capital....through President Obama.

I'm a practical guy, and always open to factual revelations.  In this case.....there's no facts....but it's a neat story.

How did the US beat the Nazi-aliens?  Well, that's not really part of the story.  Obviously, if you accept one part of the story, then it leads to ask the other part.....we must be fairly advanced over what the aliens are.

Iranians last week week woke up and read the story.  Belief?  It's hard to say what the average Iranian guy believes in.  Bigfoot?  Sea monsters?  Aliens?  Elvis still alive?

If you believed in this alien story and the Nazis....then would it take just a step or two to say that the aliens took over the Muslim leadership and yank on the chain of the top five Mullah's of Iran?  Could Nazi-era aliens be running Islam into the ground?  Was Saddam really fighting Nazi-era aliens trying to take over Iran in the 1980s?

You could twist this story a dozen ways, and get naive folks all disturbed over the whole thing.  Imagine a Mullah having to come out and discredit aliens or bigfoot.

The sad thing is that sixty million Americans will read this Iran news media story, and actually believe it.  And, then the thought will be.....did the Nazi-aliens create the National Healthcare Act....to get everyone's personal information?  Well....it's believable.