Monday, 27 January 2014

Dinosaurs of the Modern Variety

I was browsing through economic news today, and it got brought up.....with a hint of this 1990 ad via Radio Shack....that virtually everything listed here on the front page.....can be done today via a Cellphone (for roughly $200).

Twenty-three years have passed, and it's a shocker of sorts to admit they are right.

So it makes a guy wonder....what happens around 2034?  Maybe I'll be around....but what exactly will we do next?

I have some doubts that ATM machines will be in much use by that point.  I kinda think cash....will be used to a lesser extent.  I suspect that groceries will be delivered by our house by some internet ordering service.  I'd like to think that things will be better....but I'm not so sure about that part.

The curious thing for that Radio Shack still survives today.  If I had to pick any store to bet on....dissolving by'd be Radio Shack.  It's a sad prediction of sorts.  I used to shop there once a month.  I used to probably spend at least a thousand a year on various gimmicks they sold.  Now?  It's been around three years since I've been in a Radio Shack, and in the last five years.....I probably spent less than eighty bucks.

A dinosaur?  Yeah.  The sad thing here is that I once paid out $1,599 for a crappy computer and monitor (B&W), and other than a game or two, with a text was worthless.  I was even stupid to pay the $799 for a video-camera....that I probably used a total of sixteen hours over three vacations.  The only positive thing I feel good about?  I paid $40 once for a little box that does waterfall and lightning storm sounds, and a dozen times a year....I'll use it to fall asleep.  It was the best forty bucks that I ever spent at Radio Shack.