Sunday, 2 February 2014

Book Review: The Creed of the Old South (1865-1915)

By Basil L Gildersleeve.

It's roughly seventy-five pages and you can read the book over a day or two.  Generally, Civil War books talk a great deal about the war, campaigns, and the chief characters from the war.  They rarely talk about the mental side of southern society in this period after the war.  This short essay takes to the topic, and delivers a five-star commentary.

Well written, and with some outstanding deliveries of visual effects of what was seen and felt during the times.

If you really get into the period and have a curious nature over "why".....I'd strongly recommend the book.  Note, it is a "free" book from Kindle, and you can download it for nothing.  I should also note that it came out in 1892 in the Atlantic Monthly as a essay piece, and wasn't intended as a pure book of sorts.

So, if you were curious how a Southern guy was thinking in 1865.....pick it up and read it.