Saturday, 15 February 2014

Science and Education

The National Science made of a bunch of smart guys.  I didn't suggest that they have a lot of common sense or values.....just that they are smart.

They went out and did a science survey with around two thousand Americans.  Simple questions.....short quiz of ten questions....stuff that you'd expect a typical twelve-year old kid to know.

The idea of the Earth circling the Sun?  Well....only three-quarters of those questioned...knew that.  Yeah....three out of four.

Only half the folks agreed on the science of humans evolving from animals.  Although....if you were a fairly religious'd say the question was flawed to start with.

Naturally, the marginally passing grade given by the National Science Foundation....led most folks to only one conclusion.....more government funding for science education.  That's typically the outcome of convince people of some need...whether real or fake.

Here's the honest truth.  After you get to the final day of the high school....most folks are set to the mind to forget fifty percent of what was taught within twelve months.  Another quarter will be forgotten within five years.  So all that twelve year period.....bundled up into tens of thousands per mostly flushed down the toilet.

If you made it into some big-name university....the odds of half that information disappearing in five years is fairly high.  No one remembers much of anything from some literature professor, or some political science professor....unless it was a highly dramatic class lecture, with stupid questions asked.

Does the knowledge of the Earth circling the Sun really help you much in daily activities?  Do you count the rotations?  Are you collecting stamps per each rotation?  Would your career take off and really benefit from knowing this knowledge?  Can you get to millionaire status, World Series status, win the heart of some lusty Bama gal, or get a discount from Sam's Club from knowing about this Earth circling business?  Sadly....NO.

Would it help your farm operation if you knew you'd evolved from animals?  Would your dog be more obedient if he knew you and him....were kinda of the same variety?  Would you get a pay-raise if you knew such valuable information?  Would this change your path in you more enthusiasm?  Would it help the Yankees win this season?

My suggestion....if folks get all fired up to spend government funding on stuff like this....just create fake and bogus shows on the History Channel like Amish Mafia....related to science.

Like.....Amish Scientists.  You'd lay out these three Amish guys who've secretly started a nuke plant and secretly producing power for forty Amish families.  You could weave the science involved, the Amish stance on new traditions, and tell a nice fictional story related to science.

Or how about....the Professor and the Stripper.  A nice fictional TV series about a scientist who shares his apartment with some thirty-year old stripper from Branson, MO.  He'd talk physics at night while they sipped cheap wine and argued over fusion and house trailers.

Where does this lead folks?'s hard to say.  Most folks can't make decisions on their own anymore.....they need some gimmick journalist to tell them what to think.  The same is true for

The truth is.....we need a sixty-year school deal.  Dump this twelve-year agenda, and lets just sign everyone for permanent and everlasting education.  Oh, and just name it....."No Adult Left Behind".