Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Earth Rotation Poll

Some smart guys went out and did some polling collection and analysis.  I generally disregard all polls.  They tend to say a lot about mostly nothing.

In this case....they asked folks if they knew that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and it takes 365 days to accomplish.  It's a relatively easy question, and you'd expect most folks to simply say "yes".  Well....they didn't.

Loaded into this question was a dozen-odd political labels (conservative republican, liberal republican, conservative, liberal, independent, conservative democrat, liberal democrat, moderate democrat, moderate republican, etc).

The statistics say this.  Conservative republicans were at the top of this vast knowledge factor on the Earth circling the Sun every 365 days, with roughly sixty-seven percent of them knowing this.  Liberals, and liberal democrats came up right behind them....just a point or two off.  Moderate republicans and moderate democrats....barely forty-four percent noted the Earth's rotation and the 365 day factor.  At the very bottom?  Conservative democrats....twenty-seven percent knew this fantastic knowledge of the Earth's rotation around the Sun, with the 365-days figured into this.

So I sat and pondered over this poll.  You see....it's hard for me to imagine that less than ninety-five percent of folks simply didn't grasp this data about the rotation.  There's a reason why we only have 365 days in a year....but it seems that most folks don't grasp how this all relates to the rotation factor.

Then, there's this issue of conservative democrats.  Only twenty-seven percent of them knew this little bit of insignificant data?  That's it?

I'm left with three basic observations.

First, we've got a bunch of idiots in America.  It doesn't matter if you are republican, democrat, moderate, or anarchist.    

Second, thank God there's no test down at the county office while you register to vote.....to gauge if you are bright enough to vote or too stupid to vote.  Otherwise, we'd just have three or four million folks voting every four years, and it'd be mostly conservative republicans and liberal democrats.

Third, we should give thanks to God for putting the sun on some rotational plan, and not leaving this up to Americans to run.....otherwise, we'd flip every other year from 365 days to 220 days, and ask where the missing days went.

Finally, I should note this about this polling episode.....there was a second question tied into it....if astrology was a science.  You know....the sign business....scorpio, pisces, taurus, etc.  The fake stuff that you see on TV or read each day with your horoscope stuff.  The same group answered this question.

For some reason, conservative democrats....liberal democrats.....and moderate democrats were at the top of believing astrology was a science....with roughly fifty percent of them in the belief category.  Conservative republicans were at the bottom with thirty-three percent believing astrology was an actual science.

It would have been interesting to divide the group up with a couple more questions....say stuff over UFOs, bigfoot, Loch Ness sea monster, and climate change.  Maybe it's best we not know how bad this division of knowledge is.  Just my humble view.