Thursday, 27 February 2014

Minimum Wage Equals

I'm one of those people who have a problem in determining minimum wage.  Yeah.....for some reason, I just don't think of most people.

For example....does the french-fry guy at McDonalds do the same rate of work as a oil change guy at Jiffy Lube?  Should a eighteen year old kid starting out at either.....deserve the same pay?

For example.....the grave-digger in Limestone County.....should he be rated at the same basic starting level as the donut-queen at Dunkin Donuts in Memphis?

For minimum wage in San Fransisco.....the same rate as in Nashville?

For example....the twenty-year-old gal pumping gas and running the cash register at Johnny's Truck Stop in she at the same level as the thirty-year-old guy mowing grass for a contractor on Pope Air Force Base?

For example....the twenty-one-year-old coffee guy at some mall outlet in Oklahoma City....should he be making the same as a nineteen-year-old gal working advance ticket sales at the NCAA football operation in Auburn?

For some reason, I just can't put all these people around the same pay scale....because of work, background, experience, location, and cost of living.  Is there anybody in Manhattan paying $8 an hour today for anything?  I kinda doubt it.  Is there anyone within five miles of DisneyWorld operations.....making absolute minimum wage?  I doubt that.

This idea that Congress or the President is micromanaging the nation to such a degree....and they can know better than the manager or business owner in Salt Lake beyond my belief.  At best.....states might be better equipped to say what's minimum and how often it rises.  But I doubt if any state governor wants that kind of mess brewing every two to four years.

Should the national wage be set at $15 an hour?  In some Seattle or Chicago....I'd say yes.  Nationally, should the wage be $9 an hour?'s hard to say if that's a smart idea.

Here's what will happen when you do a national minimum wage rise......the cost of living over the next year.....will rise.  Maybe one percent.....maybe two percent.....maybe three percent.  It's not that anyone is getting ahead.  Maybe that's the whole gimmick.....we simply think we are getting ahead, and that makes full great.  And we settle back tonight....paying fourteen cents more for a six-pack of beer, and wondering why beer went up.