Thursday, 20 March 2014

The 500,000 Bama Voters Without A License

One of the odd things that came out while I was in Bama.....was this comparison some folks did....looking at the state voting list and the license list of Bama.  There are 500,000 folks in the state of Bama....who are registered voters.....but don't have a license.

So, you sit there and ponder upon this.  There are 4.82 million people in Bama (2012 numbers).  You can figure that roughly 700,000 of these are seventeen or less.  Back in 2008....some folks noticed that Bama finally hit the three million mark for registered voters.

After you run over these start asking stupid questions.

How can 500,000 of the three million....not have a license?

Ok, maybe there are fifty thousand Bama registered voters who might be blind.  I can agree on a statistical guess like that, and it'd make sense.

Ok, maybe there are thirty thousand Bama folks who are homeless and living under bridges....yet actively into politics and registered to vote.

Ok, maybe there are twenty thousand Bama folks who are too old and have given up their license.

This only gets me up to a hundred thousand sadly.

So, I'd like to offer some analysis and obvious questions.

How many of the remaining four hundred thousand....are folks who do have licenses for other states, and are actively pretending to be in one state, but owning an RV and spending four months of the year in Bama.....pretending to be registered in two states?

How many of the remaining four hundred thousand....are kids in a Bama college....with a state license for Louisiana and still a resident of Louisiana......yet registered to vote in Bama?

How many of the remaining four hundred thousand.....are military guys who left twenty years ago, pay Bama taxes, but have a license for Arizona because that's where they've been stationed for the past six years?

The problem with this current registration that we aren't very smart about who should vote and under what circumstances.  A resident is a resident.....unless they are in transitory status.  I'm of the mind that when someone comes up to register to vote.....he ought to produce three documents (birth certificate, license of this state, and a rental agreement or mortgage document to prove where you live).  If you can't provide the get shown the door.

How many of the three million registered Bama voters are "fakes"?  Statistically, there's no way to tell.  It might be 1,000.  It might be 10,000.  It might be 100,000.

So, I'm going to make this radical suggestion.....a bond related to voter registration.  When you walk into the county office......there ought to be a line on the voter registration form which will forfeit $500 if found to be registered in another state or not acting as a Bama resident.  Turn the voter listing loose over the internet and lets just let anyone....challenge folks.  Got a Saturday free?  You might spend eight hours and find forty people who are illegally registered in Bama and another state.  That's $20,000 in a payoff.....if the authorities confirm you are right.  It'd settle up this fake voter issue fast.

Somewhere out there....there are 500,000 voters in Bama....without a license, and doesn't make much sense.

Fitness Revolution: Bama Style

I spent a couple of days back in Bama, and came to discover an odd change to the landscape.....a fitness center in the local area.  It's not the kind of thing that a Bama guy would expect to be a success.  I drove by one afternoon around 5PM, and saw at least sixty vehicles in the parking lot.

Bama guys and gals aren't legendary at physical least for the past couple of decades.  There are three versions of Bama fitness.

Prior to the 1950s.....most everyone worked hard physically....without the aid of automation.  They mowed the grass by pushing a mower.  They dug up septic hand.  They herded up cows....without a scooter or all-terrain vehicle.  In simple terms, Bama fitness version 1.0 was a pretty rugged guy and easily burned between 3,000 and 4,000 calories a day.

This version one guy walked from his property to the local town four miles away.  This guy ate mostly what he grew.  This guy was fairly exhausted at the end of a day, and easily accepted sleep as the sun went down.

From the 1960s to have Bama fitness version 2.0.  This is the guy or gal who didn't do that much.  Guys stopped hunting.  Gals stopped gardening.  Washing the car?  Go to the auto-mat.  Bought a new bargained for the dealer to deliver it and even remove the old washer.

This version two gal didn't worry about burning four thousand calories on wash-day like the old wives.....she had a fancy washer and dryer, and bought mostly non-iron type clothing.  This version two guy got a riding lawnmower and covered three acres of yard easily....sipping beer as he mowed.

Various attachments were developed for farmers.  Round bales came along where a guy could do an entire hay field by himself, and load the hay with his tractor into the barn.  He might burn 2,500 calories on an average day like this....instead of the five thousand calories that he burned back with those square small bales.

So, we have now advanced onto version 3.0 of fitness for Bama folks.  These are the ones who pay $50 to $100 a utilize a local gym.  They get advice from Karl the fitness guru on how to put muscles on, or take off fat.  They pull into a parking lot.....spend forty-five minutes burning 1,000 calories, and sip some fruity drink to replenish themselves as they drive off later.

Is there a version 4.0 out there?  I don't know.  I'd like to think that we are under constant evolution, and things continually change.