Thursday, 3 April 2014


I follow bits and pieces of the Fort Hood shooting from recent days.  There term PTSD?  It gets brought up in every single article.  The curious thing?  There are close to forty symptoms of PTSD, with some relating to war, and some relating to just regular life.


Getting easily frustrated.  Quick tendency for anger or hostility.  Always acting in some self-blame mental state.  Abusing drugs to avoid the feelings.  Having general distrust of everyone (including relatives or friends).  Feeling betrayed by just about everyone.  General depression.  Feeling like life is hopeless.  General suicide feelings.  Feeling alone.  General pains which relate to nothing of an injury. Going through experience of a traumatic nature.....over and your mind.  Avoiding anything that related to the traumatic experience.  Flashbacks.  Nightmares.  Continued feeling of distress....twenty-four hours a day.  Feeling nausea.  Sweating with no physical action.  Rapid heart rate with no physical action.  Numbed emotional feelings.  High anxiety.  Outburst of a quick nature.  Lack of sleep is normal.  Being irritable around the clock.  Always startled....even when a dog barks or a phone rings.

The odds of having PTSD without combat?  Yeah.....they've already proven that.

The odds of a football player having PTSD?'s been discussed.

The odds of a kid having PTSD?  Yeah.....they've already proven that too.

Using drugs for treatment?  Ambien is the drug of choice by doctors for this stuff.  Sadly, if you read the company's's supposed to be a short-term drug and not a permanent use item.  My guess is that the vast majority of Ambien users have been on it for longer than sixty days.

At some point down the line....the Army will come to admit that well over half it's force are in some stage of PTSD, and they will never be able to get a handle on the issue.  It might take five years....maybe even fifteen....but you can sense that this bold statement will be eventually made.

A Little Double Voting Story

Some folks in North Carolina did some research on the voting lists of the state, and arrived at the conclusion that at least thirty-five-thousand folks (minimum).....likely double-voted in 2012.

There are various ways that you can read the articles.  The state wasn't able to get a listing of the other forty-nine states....but it sounds like that they have a minimum of thirty states to compare against.  While some states would provide a listing with social security numbers, which makes it an absolute fact....most states DID NOT provide such a what you get is a large number of folks with the same name and the same birthdate (so it's not concrete).

What happens now?  Well.....there's the hint that each of those folks will have a letter sent by a county clerk, and ask a couple of questions.  The questions aren't listed but I'd take a guess that it'll ask if they voted in 2012, and where?  Then it'll ask if they are listed anywhere else.

My guess is that the thirty-five thousand-plus folks will each call up a local lawyer and get nervous now.  Most won't answer the document (my humble guess).  Then each unanswered episode will get turned over to the country prosecutor and then you wait.  It might be a month or a year....before they get you and demand that you present yourself in front of a grand jury.  Some county prosecutors will do nothing (perhaps not to waste their time.....or expect you to donate some money to their next election committee as a bribe).

At best, if five hundred folks get dragged into court.....I'd be shocked.  The bulk will walk away.  But they might be a bit intimidated now....they weren't expecting some idiot to compare state lists.

What is the stumbling block that when you go and have to fill out a document which they keep.  If you read into the form.....there's BOLD statements written into it.  I know because I had to register myself in Bama last July, and the form was simple enough that a 8th-grade dropout could fill it in.

You admit you are eighteen years old.  You admit that you reside at a certain address.  You admit you are a citizen of the US.  You admit that you are not incompetent by some court, thus negating the right to vote.  You admit to a no-felony status (at least in most states).  Then you sign the document and hand it to the clerk....who happens to be a notary.  He stamps it.  At that point, if you've lied.....there's a paragraph near the bottom of the form which notes the state's punishment deal.

States differ on voter fraud.  It's interesting but you could go from state to state....finding each do it different.

Most all will tell you that it's a minimum of five years in prison....but then they admit that you tend to get probation and nobody can remember anyone getting sent off to state prison.  Then there's the fine episode.  This usually is a minimum of five thousand dollars.....on up to ten thousand dollars.  Here, most folks will note that fines are typically used frequently in voter fraud.

Then there is the possibility of denying you a right to vote in this state....for X number of months or years.  States differ on this punishment.

I'm guessing that a year from now....of the thirty-five-thousand folks in North Carolina.....barely five hundred responded to questions.....the rest got skipped entirely or drawn in front of the county grand jury.  At best....maybe a thousand folks end up with a two or three thousand-dollar fine.  Between legal costs and the fine....they likely had to spend five-thousand.

Then the final part of this story will kick in.  Your any case....will get published somewhere in the state.  Maybe the local newspaper.....the local TV station.....or some guy in your county who will get the county listing and make sure your name gets out there.

This is likely the point where you get angry and frustrated as one of these folks publicized.  You get a call around 8PM one night.....a neighbor calling you and noting they saw your name in today's paper.  You kinda chat around the topic but feel a bit disturbed about the mention and the illegal nature of the act.  Then maybe at Sunday School.....your buddies bring up your mention in the paper....and you ask for forgiveness (quoting some Old Testament scripture).

Over the course of a month....forty folks will note your dilemma.  By this point, your lawyer has gotten a good angle on this.....gotten your bribe check to the local prosecutor's re-election campaign, and fixed this all up.  You'd think then.....the mess is over.  Well....but the next election arrives, and friends and neighbors ask if you voted twice again....dragging up this topic....time and time again.  You stick to a scripted answer that the lawyer gave you....some misunderstanding by the local's all "cool".

Course, what you didn't anticipate....was that the state guy who did this homework episode.....sent the discrepancy onto another state, and you actually have another prosecutor wanting to chat with you there.  Then your lawyer notes that he only handles things in this you got to call another lawyer in another state, and pay another two or three thousand to him.....and hope that the prosecutor there will handle bribes....otherwise, you have another fine to deal with or actual jail-time.

By the might have used over fifteen thousand to clear up this mess in both states.  All of this....because you felt all doped up on voting twice and getting a good patriotic thrill? a way....that we do stupid things and pay a big price, and have nothing much to say at the end.  That fifteen thousand?  Well....would have paid half the price for a new Ford F-150 truck, or sent you and the wife on a once-in-a-life cruise to Alaska.

The last detail of this story?  It's gotten forty-nine other states curious.....on how to approach reviewing the voting rolls.....and making some great income money for the state by fines.  It might catch on....sadly.