Monday, 7 April 2014

Simply Observations

I kinda noticed over the weekend....that Sixty Minutes had to say "sorry" again.  It used to never happen, and over the past decade....the show has slipped a fair degree.  This time?  With the car maker Tesla.  Their segment last weekend....featured the Tesla car....with auto noise coming from it....something that is non-existent with the actual Tesla car (no noise comes out of this engine).  Sixty Minutes came to admit....they staged that part of the show.  In the late 70's?  None of the guys on the show or their producers would have done something that stupid.

This NSA investigation being led by Germany?  Well....the team is out and conducting their research.  Over the weekend....various German media items came to chat about Edward Snowden and how this might work in bringing him into Germany.  The odds of Ed flying into Germany?  ZERO percent.  It simply won't happen.  It'll be a Skyp interview or a taped deal....but the German authorities are not that stupid in allowing Ed to fly in and think that he will just fly out at the right time.  Will Ed cooperate with such an interview?  I have my doubts.

The talk of letting Army guys carry their guns while on a post, after last week's shooting at Fort Hood?  ZERO chance.  Army commanders are not about to let 14,000 guys on some post.....all bring their sidearms in from home or walk around at the BX or Commissary with guns.  The issue will boil down to everyone else on post....the GS guys, the MWR guys, the wives, the grass-cutting crews, etc.  Once you bless one group....they all have the right.  And you just don't want that much firepower waiting for some frustration or hostility to brew up.

Rumor has it that the President will direct some executive order which forbids a HR guy or company boss from firing a guy who discusses his pay, with another employee.  It's an interesting topic with me....because I worked with a company that had such a policy, and terminated people who violated it.  You basically drag up a mess, when you admit you make $6,000 more than Joe, who came in six months before you.....and does more or less the same work....but Joe is lesser qualified in terms of educational certifications (he's got an associate's degree to your bachelor degree).   This order will be challenged in court, and in three years (when the President walks out the door)....the court will come to state that it wasn't within his authority to issue such an order.  Why such an action?  It's a puzzling deal, and unless you can find the guy pushing this on the White House staff.....we will never know the trigger to this.

Goonies sequel?  Well....yeah, that's what they say.  My perception of the original Goonies?  It was one of the best told stories that kept its value from start to finish.  How to twist it into a sequel?  Man, that would be a challenge.

Finally, some episode out of central California.  Punk high school kid with a bag of some act of selling or advertising he's got weed to the midst of class.  Science teacher is a wrestling coach.  Teacher tells the dimwit to drop the bag.....punk kid won't do it.  Coach takes the kid down to the ground (no punches)...just a wrestling trick of throwing a two-hundred-pounds of weight onto an idiot....waiting for them to fall to the ground.  Kid says it wasn't right.  School suspended the coach until an investigation occurs.  Whole school, parents, and kids in the the coach.  Dimwit kid?  No one.  My belief.....if you were stupid enough to show up and openly advertise you got weed to sell in a school are stupid enough to be whooped by someone (maybe not the coach), and deserve to be let go from public education.  If I were the district....I'd just suspend the kid for remainder of school year and let him repeat the year again.  If he doesn't like it....fine, let him go find a place that allows the chance to sell weed in class.