Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Six-Hour Work Day?

This's been noted by the Swedes that the time has come to test the six-hour work-day.  Yeah, it's a pretty wild idea....thirty hours per week.  What they say....this is only a test of one city experiment of sorts.  It may least in the current design.

The acceptance to this idea circles around the idea that people have X-amount of energy and positive by the sixth hour of the've maxed out.  Everything else is just marginal delivery, limited accomplishment, or minimal attitude.

The test will be held in Gothenburg (second biggest city of the nation)....strictly the city government division.  They don't give numbers....but I'd be guessing it's around a hundred to two-hundred employees.

A year from now....they will review the results.

What they don't the open hours....or if managers are on this thirty hour deal as well.  If they ran this from 07:30 to 1:30.....just skipping lunch, and allowing one ten-minute break for smokers....maybe there's a chance it'd work.

Personally, I have my doubts.

Say you get off work at 1:30....then what?  Most guys would sit there and worry about the rest of the day.  Mow grass?  Trim bushes?  Rotate tires?  After a while, you've accomplished the 460-odd items on your to-do list, and you got tons of free time on your mind.

This is usually where you start drinking....gazing over at the local neighbor gal who trims her shrubs in a one-piece swim suit....or you getting into dangerous hobbies (knife-throwing, repelling down rocks, or building homemade explosives).

If I were the mayor....I'd ask this stupid question.....could I set up a computer station as you enter town hall, and make everything automated.....with just seven people in the building rather than two-hundred.  I could let these people go, in the real they wouldn't even have to work at the building.

From my Air Force years, I kinda learned after a while....if you work a twelve-hour shift....your good stuff got done in the first four hours.  Around the ninth and tenth mostly looked at the clock, drunk Mountain Dew (two cans), and discussed Braves baseball with someone who knew the team.  By the last of the twelve hours.....I'd lost my interest and my best desires.  I do agree.....somewhere around eight remain productive.  The idea of six being the magic number....may be questionable.

An entire society drifting toward a six-hour day?  It'd be a remarkable thing, if it is proven successful.  Course, some folks might sit there and admit that nothing much got done, and after twelve months of testing....they are six months behind on real work accomplishment.  The real gimmick to this whole thing?  They'd pay you the same cuts.  Pretty remarkable, if you think about it.