Thursday, 10 April 2014

The End of Archie?

When I was a kid.....I was a collector of comic books.  By attending "Mondays" at Scottsboro's big flea market operation in the 1960s/1970s.....I came to acquire comics.  At some point, I think I had well over a thousand.

To be honest, eighty percent of what I collected was DC-related (Superman, Batman, Teen Titans, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, etc).  Around ten percent of the collection was Marvel (Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spiderman, etc).  From the remaining ten percent? fell into odd groups.

There were the Classic series, which were the comics that gently laid out Tom Sawyer or Ivanhoe, and made complete sense of a very complicated story.

There were the Richie Rich series, which was a lousy comic, but often were in the package of ten comics for sale and I got stuck with them.

Then, there was the Archie Series.  I probably got stuck with twenty copies of Archie.  To be was a lousy series, marginal story, and humor stuck from the 1950s.  There in the early 70's, it just didn't work.  I doubt if the Archie company made any big money except for the cartoon series that was popular for a couple of years.  Even when the movie era came around in the one talked much of making Archie movies.

This week, the Archie publishers announced that very shortly....Archie is coming to an unfortunate ending.  He will get killed by a gunshot situation.  Jughead will grieve for his friend. Veronica will talk of what might have happened between them if things had progressed.  Some teacher will likely say that if only guns had been outlawed....Archie would be alive today.

For some reason, this all got picked up in the news media and hyped.  How many copies get sold?  Well, it's not discussed too widely and I suspect there's rarely more than 50,000 copies sold per month.

News articles indicate that the drawing and creativity staff....aren't happy with the current owner of the comic series.  Maybe by killing off Archie....they are doing something that should have been done in the 1970s....just end Archie completely.  Maybe, it's an angle by the owner to get some attention to the comic.  To this end, you just don't know.

Can Archie come back?'s not Superman who gets remade or cloned.  It's not like some new guy in an Ironman's suit, or some kid who gets bit by a spider and gets superpowers.  Archie is Archie.  Maybe a new kid moves into Riverdale, and his name is Arnie.....and we just rename the whole series after this marvelous nice kid, who is polite and cheerful all the time.  The end?  I seem to doubt some fat lady will be singing in this case.