Friday, 11 April 2014

This Replacement to Letterman Thing

I've sat for a day and reviewed this new hire to replace the retiring David Letterman of CBS.  The new guy?  Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

It would appear that negotiations had been going on weeks....maybe months.  CBS won't say much.  Some folks figured there were several folks discussed, but I have my doubts about that.

What CBS does that this pretend-to-be-a-Republican-character....which is the entire show for Stephen Colbert, and his success formula.....IS FINISHED.  He won't play the pretender Republican as he takes over the show.

It's hard to see how this whole gimmick works and keeps the numbers at CBS where they are presently.

From my fifty-odd viewings of Stephen Colbert's show, I'd generally say that he has a limited interview capability.  If he's not pretending to be a Republican....he has zero credibility to interview the Hollywood elite.  This makes me wonder if the CBS executives even watched his show or grasped the limitations.

The typical humor of Colbert? sets well for college kids, the urban crowd, and maybe liberals.  Beyond Iowa or Tennessee?  Maybe ten of those folks might watch the Colbert show on occasion.  How this works when he arrives at CBS?  I have serious doubts.

It's a five-year contract.  I'm guessing that Colbert's agent demanded that, and CBS had to agree to it.  My general prediction is that Colbert arrives.....has a surge for three weeks, and then really starts to lose steam by week ten.  I'm guessing he loses ten to twenty percent of Letterman's present average by the six-month point.  CBS?  They are stuck with him.  He might try to sneak back into his alternate bad-Republican-character and hope for some hype?  But I doubt if it works. NBC really benefits from this.

I would also offer this.  If Fox News ever had some moment of brilliance....they'd plan right around this time to bring Jay Leno onto their network for a one-hour show during the same time-slot.

A Keychain Discussion

This past month, GM got into the news....over a defective key device that would slip from on to off (turning the engine off).....if a bulky amount of keys jingled enough.

This brought to mind this strange shift in society that we've become over the last two decades.

I can remember in 1984....having one car key, a building key for work, and one key for the dorm room.  That was it.

In 2009, I stood there with at least ten different keys, a knife, and a utility tool on my keychain.

Back about a decade ago....I worked with a Air Force NCO who had three car 'fobs' (his BMW, his wife's Mercedes, and his spare VW), around a dozen home-related keys, at least five office-related keys, and a utility tool of a fair size.

Working around the Pentagon, I came across folks who had two or three dozen keys on themselves....from the car to the RV trailer, to the vacation condo and the spare key to the kid's car at some university.

Most guys now tote at least two pounds of metal in their pocket.  They literally "jingle" as they walk.

The GM guys probably never tested their car with regular folks.....just engineers from the shop.  If they'd seen the type of key chains that folks tote around....they would have made this a heavier gauge or done something very unique.

You have to ask yourself this stupid we really need the key deal on the steering column?  Why is a key even necessary today?  A guy ought to be able walk up to the door.....simply press some sensor on the door to detect something that he carries, then enter the vehicle.  He ought to be able to wave his cellphone around another sensor, which activates the starter button, and off he goes.  It ought to be this simple.

What happens to GM now?  Massive court action.  By the time, the various courts get done....GM will be bankrupt.  It might take five years....maybe ten.  But you can anticipate that GM has no ability to survive this mess. And will the President and Congress attempt to save GM again?  Yeah, they are that stupid, and will attempt one more time to save them.  Your money....flushed down the toilet.