Monday, 14 April 2014

Pay Difference Issue

After a couple of years in the Air Force.....I came to note one simple psychological conclusion.....guys are more prone to risk-taking than women.  You take three guys out into a dense housing area and yank on them to cut down trees within fifty foot of a house.....they will do with barely any thinking or calculation over the tree falling the other way.  You take three women out to the same housing area....same trees near the houses....and they start to talk about impact, calculations, and really don't feel thrilled over the work required.

Over the years, I've noted various professions that have high-risks involved....which tend to be dominated by guys.  Coal-mining, prison guards, fire-fighting, policemen, oilmen, farmers......all dominated by men, and a few women.  Low-risk jobs?  Opposite numbers.

I occasionally read over at AEI Ideas on economic issues, and they brought up an interesting 2012, around 4,045 men died in work-place jobs.  Women for 2012?  338 women died in such jobs over the year.  A nine-to-one statistic?  Yeah.

Course, you get around to my Air Force experience.....women tend to sit there and think about safety issues, the potential for a screw-up, and don't take actions unless it's safe enough to survive.

If the oilfield industry was dominated by women....there would likely be less oil pumped because of schedules slipping....due to safety planning.

If the farming industry was dominated by women....tractors would be sold only with 100-percent of the safety gear available.  The same industry would breed out hostile angry bulls, to get more docile bulls into the mix.

If the mining industry was dominated by women.....there'd likely be a longer process to open new mines, more safety reviews, and fewer accidents....but also more man-hours built into the product and less profit.

If the prison guard industry was dominated by women....they'd be armed and hostile prison members would be kept in isolation or limited in freedoms.

So you come around to the pay difference question.  Guys make more than one argues about that point.  Guys taking more risks than women?  Well.....we might want to admit that too.  Women out-surviving men?  Well, yeah....due to planning and safety concerns.....they live longer.  Maybe the question is.....if equal pay is such a big deal.....should we force women into marginal safety jobs, or force more guys into maximum safety jobs that pay less?

The Forgetful Man Story

It's a real-life story that you'd beg to make into a movie.

Last a pretty nasty and cold period in Norway....someone drives up on a rural road and finds this guy tied up and laying on the side of the road.  Cops get called.  Authorities take him to the hospital....he survives.

The thing is....he has no memory.  Yeah.....nothing.  Language skills?  He did speak some English, with a Slavic accent.  He spoke Czech clearly, and that made folks think he was from there originally.

So last week, they did some DNA testing, and then put the photo out in Czech.  He got identified rather quickly.  He's a computer-IT expert......used by the government a good bit in court cases.  So, Norway wanted to just put him on a plane and get him back to Czech.

Well....this guy did some thinking and says "no".  He's worried.  He was tied up, left in the nowhere, and remembers nothing.....but thinks someone wants to do him harm.

His dad is flying up to Norway in the next day or two.....with a doctor to examine him and probably talk some sense into him.

Amnesia?  Well.....he had a job where he made natural enemies.....testifying in Czech court episodes, and I suspect someone said there was a need for pay-back.  There are drugs that you can procure, that will trigger amnesia.  So they used them.

The father of the guy says that junior said around four months ago....he was going off to New Zealand for a while.  No open travel plans or such.  He just left.  I'm guessing that he was in fear of something, and when he finally decided to leave.....the pay-back plan went into effect.  Why not kill the guy?  I'm guessing this is a person that figured amnesia was enough to do the job.

It's hard to say if the guy ever leaves Norway.  I'm of the mind that he's permanently going to stay.  Maybe he ends up as an IT guy there.  Maybe he ends up as a bartender or farmer.  Movie potential?  I'm of the mind that it's a five-star story waiting to be written into a script.