Thursday, 17 April 2014

Simply Observations

Some statistics guys sat down and reviewed the data.....concluding that there are twelve million visits to American doctors or emergency rooms....where the wrong diagnosis is given, the wrong treatment applied, and the wrong drugs prescribed.  Yeah, it's a pretty harsh statistic.   In some cases, you can figure it made yo worse than the way you were originally.  Now with the new healthcare act?  More folks going to the doctor and emergency the twelve million number will likely climb another million or so.  It's probably not what you figure from all these fancy-pants doctors appearing on the Today Show or Fox News.  Sadly, we simply have to live with it.....or die from it.

The former prime minister of Italy was finally given his sentence this past week.  The court was kinda creative.....he has to go for at least four hours.....four days a a local old folks home and do community work at the old folks home.  Failure to do so?  He gets a real sentence.  Length?  A full year.
WWU, Western Washington charged up and peppy about the fact that there just aren't any blacks on campus.  They think things should change, and there ought to be some way of drawing more racial equality to their program.  Course, then you ask about how many minority folks live in western Washington, and you kinda grasp that it's not that many.  They'd have to go and recruit these them into coming out to Washington, and convince them that the university had something they desired.  Big NCAA football program?  No.  Significant minority population in the local community?  No.  So it's more or less a lot of talking and nothing behind it.

Finally, down at Auburn University....some idiot posted a comment on a bathroom wall at the campus of a "rampage of a Biblical proportion".  The chancellor shut down the whole university for Wednesday, while the security guys checked out possible threats.  Nothing.  Some nutcase?  Maybe.  But these can't take chances.  The odds of couple hundred students now packing weapons into classrooms?  Well....folks in Bama don't take threats as a game.