Sunday, 27 April 2014

Simply Observations

I noted today in some health news, that some smart guys sat down and analyzed some homeless folks....coming to a strange conclusion that a good portion of them....had some head injury at some point and suffered from a concussion.  They won't say the percentage.....but you get the impression that it might be half of these guys.  One of the odd things I came to grasp while in DC....a fair number of homeless folks are former military folks.  If you put their military time, possible concussion, and homelessness might explain a lot of things.

The DC city council came to toss out this idea of theirs.....requiring tattoo parlors to have a 24-hour period in effect before a guy could get a tattoo.  Under the'd enter, select a tattoo or piercing, then note the time, and have to wait twenty-four hours before you could have it done.  For some reason, the political folks and some agenda folks were convinced that if you just had this time wouldn't get the tattoo.  Statistics wise.......I doubt if they had any real proof of this, and it was simply more regulation tossed onto the enormous pile of regulation already in existence.  Now, if they could only tax might get interesting.

Rumor has it....from Northwestern University football vote on unionization from Friday....that it was a overwhelming vote to "NO".  From the eighty-odd votes....journalists will hint that it was likely more than sixty voted against the union idea.  Kind of a shocker I think.  All that legal gaming, and massive push....then reality set in.  One of the odd things in the potential trouble area if they did support it....was that they'd all have to start paying taxes.....on the pay they got from the university, and probably from the free tuition deal they got.  I think that scared the crap out of them.  Over now?  Maybe at Northwestern, but I imagine within three years....there will be some university on the east coast that will vote "YES" and go union.  It's only a matter of time.

This past week.....Senator Warren (D-Mass) appeared on the Daily Show, Comedy Channel's answer to CNN.  In a serious tone, she said that America was "rigged" for the rich to get rich and the poor to get poor.  Then she responded that the only way to defeat the rigged game.....was to get into politics.  I guess at that point, you'd rig the game a different way.....that the poor get a fake feeling of empowerment, the rich get a fake feeling of less money, and political figures become permanent "riggers".

CNN has invented some gimmick show called Chicago-Land.  Basically, a reality show, demonstrating the various success and failures of big-city Chicago.  Some news journalists have said it's basically a pumping station show to put Mayor Emanuel as a fantastic manager and Presidential-pretender (or perhaps VP material).  The only issue I who the heck would watch some reality news puff piece on CNN.....covering Chicago?  I can think of various places that I wouldn't mind going for a weekend, but off my list of three hundred cities.....Chicago isn't one of them.  Between the shootings, the crime business, and lack of any real's just a deadzone.  And now?  A landscape for some reality show?  Doesn't make any sense.

Finally, I came to read this morning that Fox Entertainment (for the FX channel) working on this idea of a special or limited series over a youthful Jesus.  Yeah, I kinda felt amazed that they felt they had not only enough material for such a project, but enough courage to put it into a prime-time viewing spot.  How much is known on the youthful Jesus?  Probably enough to fill two pages.....maybe a hundred lines.  Building a three-hour special (three one-hour segments) out of this?  Then putting some entertaining value into this?  Then you have to ask yourself.....if this is a success....why not a youthful Moses segment?  Or a youthful David?  Or a youthful Adam with youthful Eve?  I just don't see the Bible as TV character or show potential.