Monday, 28 April 2014


To put all this immigration talk into some simplified need to stand back and view the obvious.

 We've had immigration laws in effect since 1790 (the Naturalization Act of 1790).  Over the decades, we've tweaked the various laws left and right.  Generally, we never go more than ten to twenty years....without admitting in some public forum that something isn't right about immigration.  Too many, too few, too complex, too simple, too wordy, too much....these are always the phrases used and it generally works.

In this case.....we visited immigration in the 1980s and announced in a public viewing that we'd finally fixed immigration, and while fixing it.....we needed to bless around ten to fifteen million illegals in the US.  Only by doing this blessing....did we restart everything in a positive way. we are....thirty-odd years later, and roughly fifteen million illegals in the US, and we need to refix the solution again.  In 2030?  We will admit another fifteen million illegals in the US and ask to fix it again.  In 2045?  We will admit fifteen to twenty million illegals and ask to fix it again.

It's a pretty sure bet......we have something that is unfixable.

But it's an election year, and Republicans need to remove the one gimmick that the Democrats have to blast them with in November.  So, it will be done.  Everyone will pat themselves on the back....announcing it's permanently fix (yeah, bogus statement), and just act like it's springtime in Miami.

The truth is....until we remove Congress from this mess, and just tell them they have no authority to change the rules anymore.....will this go away.  If you come here under some pretense of faking yourself as an American...making less than minimum wage.....and are greatly unhappy as being a non-American, tough luck.  There were millions overseas who wanted this US citizenship deal, and you kinda screwed them over in getting first in line.  So, we kinda need a Constitutional law which says no more are stuck with the mess 'as-is'.  Live with it or go back home to fix your own stupid and corrupt country.