Friday, 2 May 2014

Simply Observations

For about ten days....I've been watching this NBA-Donald Sterling-Clippers-racism episode unfold.  Several things strike me as odd.....this eighty-year-old guy with a wife but openly having a hostess-liaison gal who works as some employee for the team and he gives her expensive car-gifts, and she's supposed to be around for 'brains' and 'expertise'?  USA Today did an update today....describing her days from high school (just twelve years ago) as a person after expensive clothing ($800 jeans), expensive cars, and a lifestyle beyond the norm.  Sterling is reportedly under treatment for cancer, and likely on some serious pain-killers.  But none of this really matters because of his racist comments on his girlfriend's boyfriends that she drags to the Clipper games.  My only real thought wonder how so many NBA teams are financially screwed up, and this is the general answer.....marginal employees on the payroll with no real appreciation of the sport, or the business.....all because the boss is not that bright to start with. Finally, who exactly would hire her for any upscale job now?  I think the million a year in gifts and salary....probably has come to an end.

Liberty Crier put out an interesting listing....the one connection between almost all mass killers over the past two decades.....prescription drugs.  Roughly thirty-five individuals.....doped up depression drugs, Zoloft, Luvox, Prozac, Paxil, Ritalin, Effexor, Celexa, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Trazodone, Xanax, and Ambien.  Kids, adults.....people with depression....people without depression....etc.  You might want to read the five-minute article and start to look at people around you who are on 'meds'.  You will notice one odd thing.....there are mass killings accomplished without the aid of a gun (hammer, bat, etc).  Perhaps we are worried about the wrong thing.....that guns are the problem here.

The Washington Post put out a federal list of fifty-five private and public colleges....under investigation over sexual assaults and lack of 'control'.  There's some big name colleges on the list....none in Bama (maybe a positive).  There are three basic issues.....booze openly and freely used by both guys and gals to an extreme, lack of a real threat, and immature teenagers (doesn't matter if they are saying they are twenty-one.....they are acting like thirteen year-old thugs).  So, you do three simple things: (1) on the first day of in-processing at the college.....put them all into a cell for fifteen minutes and let them know that sexual assaults could end up there, (2) actually kick kids out of colleges and dissolve any college credit gained at that university during their stay (even if they did three years already), and (3) make every guy attending post a hefty ($$$$) bond on day one that will be redeemed at the conclusion of four years.....screw up by assaulting someone and you lose the bond.

Finally, there's some science comments over Mount St Helens.....possibly in explode-mode again.  Based on numbers and analysis....some folks are getting peppy.  I was living in Tacoma at the time of the last eruption, and could see the volcanic smoke from my barracks window.  For roughly six months, anyone who lived within thirty miles of the zone were fairly miserable and it took a long time for stability to come back to the region.  The news media?  Within three weeks of the was a zero topic.  It's curious how these matters progress and then drift down to nothing.