Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Simply Observations

Sometime last week....I came to notice that CBS pounced on Fox News....over the Benghazi episode, and released documents.  CBS investigative analysis proudly stated that the copies that Fox News was showing (coming from the House committee), and what the Judicial Watch guys had just gotten....were different.   I think the CBS guys were hoping that they'd finally caught Fox News manipulating data, changing evidence, etc.  Well....as of this morning....it's now understood that the House and Judicial Watch guys.....got slightly differing versions of the same documentation, which means some idiot in the Administration is now caught altering documents.  The CBS guys are now standing there.....probably in shock....that they really tripped up an unintentional mess for someone in the White House to clean up.  Meanwhile....this really puts a threat into place that special prosecutor will have to step in to clean this up.

East Carolina University is preparing for the graduation ceremony coming up, and a professor put out a list of rules for acceptance speeches.....because of past trends.  The chief rule?  You can't thank God for graduating.  It's purely an educational experience....NOT a religious experience to attend four years of some university setting.  This was handed down by a professor, who claims he doesn't want to upset some members in the audience.  Naturally, this being Carolina....with a fair number of folks being religious.....it got into the news.  The university administration itself?  It appears they don't want to get into a mess, and won't do much to support the professor's 'request'.  If this is such a big deal.....maybe folks should run two graduation ceremonies....one for easily upset people and one for hearty tough folks.  To run through four years of intense classroom activities, and have this 'thank God' thing come up.....is comical, if you ask me.

Finally, there's some minor report (hard to say believable or not)....that the Saudis are going to reroute one of their contracted militia groups in Syria (fighting Assad's Army).....to Ukraine.  The group?  Mostly Chechen fighters.  You see....the Saudis have been upset with Putin and Russia for months after they kinda edged in President Obama on Syria chemical weapons.  Nothing much is happening currently in Syria, and these are contracted mercenaries anyway.  So the story goes....the Chechen guys would come in and help fight the Russian bad-guys in eastern Ukraine.  Naturally, Chechens HATE Russians, and there would be some serious pay-back going on.  You'd start to see news reports of a dozen dead Russians here....forty dead Russians there....and then some group in Russia itself would blow up another bus for full-effect.  At that point, Putin would have bad karma going on, bad public reactions, and be unable to reign in the mess on his own soil. My guess is that the story is barely true....maybe some talks going on and the Saudis thinking about this idea.  Frankly, it'd open up a bigger mess, a more involved conflict with Muslims, and the Ukraine would probably question where this would end up.  Maybe true....maybe false.