Friday, 9 May 2014

Maybe Get Serious on Climate Change?

Being from Bama....I'm a practical guy.  When you start to get all peppy and extremely serious over global warming, global cooling, and climate change.....I'll just sit and mostly ask questions.  I'm curious how your models are so perfect, yet we can't develop the same perfection with models to predict NCAA winners, the best quarterbacks to draft in the NFL draft, accurately predicting loser TV shows before we even get to episode one, or how to build the perfect vehicle for safety (maybe it is Volvo and we just refuse to grant that assumption).

This week, the White House brought a bunch of weathermen in, and did some kind of discussion.  I guess it's supposed to garner massive support and get folks to talking.

Well....I'm of the poker mentality.  Let's double up.

I'm going to say that it's all legit, and the glaciers are disappearing, the North Pole is melting, and water is rising.  In fact, I'm of the mind now that it'll rise, and Washington DC....roughly 140 feet above sea-level....will be threatened within decades (my numbers, not theirs).

So, I think instead of talking of doing nothing....let's get serious and agree that Washington DC will be under three feet of water within a hundred years.  Its our duty put funding up, and move the capital entirely (with the White House).

My suggestion is northwest Alabama.....out into the non-urban territory of Lauderdale county, where it's mostly cornfields and presently woods.  We carve out this "district" and simply buy it all as federal property, then convert to DC II.

Yeah, there's massive construction involved.  We need a new White House, new capital building, new Library of Congress, new Supreme Court, new fed buildings, etc.  Well over 500 billion dollars.

Yep, let's take all of this serious and put it back on the table....insisting the global warming talkers finally get real.  Staying in DC is not possible.  It won't be there.  Neither will NY City.  For ABC News and the guys who continually talk about the terrible's time to talk about moving ABC to Buffalo or Syracuse.  For NBC's Today Show, it's time to consider moving the network and studio to Saratoga Springs.

Either you take this absolutely serious and start moving folks and cities, or you pretend it's just a gimmick for redistribution of money from the rich to "others".  I suspect no one will agree to move DC or the NBC studios....and it kinda brings home the real facts to the case.

Would the folks in Bama understand and agree to DC II?  The first year of discussion would be difficult.  Strangers with agendas aren't readily accepted in Bama, until you promise something in return.  How long would it take to build DC II?   I'd speculate at least twenty years, and would require a work-force of 80,000 folks.  Everyone in northwest Bama, along with southern Tenn, and eastern Mississippi would be in some fashion on the project.  It'd be like the TVA business from the 1930s....just bigger.

I'm guessing there's quietness in the room, and the global warming crowd has kinda walked away.  They'd rather not get serious about moving....because all that government funding would be for something of zero value on their list of priorities.  In essence?  It's all a joke.