Tuesday, 13 May 2014

This Boko Topic in Nigeria

For days, I've been watching this Boko Haram episode unfold in Nigeria.  Basically, Boko and his henchmen of Muslim radicals.....kidnapped around 200 girls from some local school, and intend to sell them off as either slaves or wives.

The current chatter is that political figures and human rights folks are really irked by this behavior.  The Nigerian political folks?  They seem irked as well.

This campaign to Twitter-chat over it has started up (#bringbackourgirls). Journalists chat about this, and talk of how bad this is.  Some journalists will even mention that the US government has avoided calling Boko and his boys terrorists.

So, some simple advice.  In the old days.....when some sinister bad guys did something.....you pulled out these characters....rough men with no real morals and just told them to overturn every stone and make life miserable for the guilty party during the episode, and to rest them six-feet under at the conclusion.  That's basically the requirement in this case.

What Nigerian thugs have been sent after Boko and his gang?  You get the impression....none.  What parents in Nigeria have hired up rough thugs to hunt down Boko?  It would seem none. The US?  We claim that we've repositioned some imagery assets to look for the folks.

I'd turn it around.....offer up one million in reward to pinpoint the general location, and find myself a hundred guys with the intent of rescuing the girls, and transporting Boko's thugs out into the Atlantic and just dump them there for sharks.  I'd even tell them over radio broadcasts that there's no gentle treatment for them at the end.....shark-bait, period.  I suspect Boko's coolness would drop like a rock and the girls would be found in twenty-four hours.....with Boko dead, and the gang quietly gone into hiding.

Twitter talk....is mostly ok if you are talking about climate change, the pipeline crap, or tax reform.....all fake issues, which fake Twitter talk will suffice.  In real life......talk isn't necessary.  Once you state an end-conclusion where some real thugs are on case.....things tend to happen.