Friday, 23 May 2014

Bama and Climate Change

Business Week, a publication that usually centers it's reporting on business situations and infrastructure around this week to a report on Alabama, climate change, global warming, global cooling, and more improved infrastructure needed in Bama.

It's an interesting story and worth the eight minutes it'll take to read it.  Basically, we have a guy who works for the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission....Kevin Harrison, who continually goes to get more funding and cites increased tornado, hurricane, and storm episodes.  What Kevin wants to imply, without using the magic mythical words (climate change, global warming, global cooling) that Bama is facing a terrible future and needs to plan better bridges and think years ahead on spending for projects.

I won't use the map that Business Week put up....because it generally shows all of Mobile, and twelve-odd counties GONE once the climate changes.  Yeah....wiped the water...seawater is worse than creek water, if you didn't grasp that in the mess.

Kevin has a tough job because he really can't get anyone in Bama real huffy and freaked out on climate change.  If you went around any county court house in the state and asked a hundred folks over the age of twenty-one....seventy percent would say they've heard of climate change but don't think much of it....kinda like the NCAA changing its bowl process and never doing it.  Five percent might stand there and say several things about it and mention how their cousin is planning on moving from Gulfport to Montana....using this as an excuse for the move.  Twenty percent of the folks would admit they've never heard of this term and ask if it was in the Old Testament or the New Testament....hinting it might be the 'end of days' rapture stuff.

Not to say that Bama folks are naive or such....but it's hard to say something MIGHT happen....just purely on some science that relates to models.  You see....folks around Bama have had these folks appear at the house and talk of this barn-painting scheme, or fence-painting deal, or some roof renewal sale.

Most folks have this aversion to a gimmick that tries to sell itself on fancy talk or perceived science tossed out in the middle of discussion.  The barn-painting deal will usually invoke pluto-minimum paint, which was developed by the professors at Mississippi State back in the 1970s and leaves a shiny color for seven decades (or so the story goes).  The fence-painting deal will always involve red paint, and be described as a Sears-like paint but sold for half the price, and sprayed on.

The continual mention on CNN of climate change?  Well....Bama folks aren't watching CNN much, or MSNBC.  They generally watch the local news, and maybe the first fifteen minutes of the Today Show to see if Matt is peeved or if there's some fire in California again.  Other than the hour Bama folks get on Sunday with the local Baptist minister....there's not alot of time to sit around and get frustrated over what MIGHT or MIGHT-NOT come.

My general advice for Kevin?  Well....when a bridge washes out....maybe it's enough then to get people peppy.  The trouble is that we've all seen dozens of bridges washed out, and then get replaced.  As for climate change?  Well...folks tend to remember the hot summers of the mid 1970s, and the cold winters of the mid-1990s.  Weather comes, and goes.  Trying to get climate change rated above NCAA football or some local Baptist just ain't going to happen.  You got better odds of Hee Haw returning, or some Democrat winning the state governors election for two terms and avoiding prison for some corruption deal.