Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bergdahl, the Deserter

Years ago, I worked in an Air Force office where we coined the phrase...."the dumbass syndrome".

This usually was applied to a situation where leadership made a decision without any input from the people with knowledge....had no idea of the true cost or man-hours involved in the decision.....and could not possibly claim any idea of success or failure unless someone told them the result later on.

I look over at this swap made with the Taliban....for this Army NCO....Bergdahl.

While the White House won't chat on the topic much.....I will give you some insight.  There are two likely idiots in the White House....which each had some end of the whole swap deal.  One guy has connections apparently to the Taliban guys, and regularly meets with some go-between.  This individual knew that the Taliban could make a deal and hoped that at least five of the Gitmo guys would be part of the deal.

There's likely a second guy in the White House who claims insight to the CIA and the Pentagon, and knows the Bergdahl parents.  The truth is.....this guy likely has no insight to the CIA or Pentagon....but just pretends he does.

So the two guys met, worked up this fantastic moment to make the President look great right after the VA episode, and it's become one of the top ten worst mistakes of the eight-year period. I was shocked yesterday to watch CNN coverage at the airports, and they spent twenty minutes of every hour....talking Bergdahl.  That's not good.

Bergdahl will face charges (don't let chatter from the media confuse you)....the Army will be forced by the enlisted to start an investigation, and conclude he deserted his post.  Figure three years of prison, and no.....the time in Taliban hands.....won't count.

The odds of some Army vet going after Berdahl?  I'd take a guess that Bergdahl doesn't make it long, and if he does survive prison......he'll likely leave the US and return to Afghanistan.

The President has a staff problem.....people who claim some status in conversations with intelligence and military folks.....and it's simply a bogus claim.  The law that requires the President to talk to Congress if a deal is being worked up?  A gross violation.

So, again.....a bunch of amateurs.....pretending to have insight and ability....when they don't.