Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Newest Coke

Coke finally went national with it's newest size can.....simply called the 'mini'.  It's ninety calories, which they declare you can burn the calories in 23 minutes of significant exercise (something more than bowling or throwing lawn darts).

To be honest, I've seen the can was available up in Arlington, and it's been around in Germany for at least a year.

The selling point?  More and more people are getting into nutritional stances.  So, they look at a lunch menu situation, and would like to limit lunch to five-hundred (to include the drink).  For them, every single ounce counts.

For the Coke business operations?'s a questionable thing.  What if forty percent of the Coke-drinkers adapt to this and less Coke is consumed each year?  A guy settling back to two mini's a day.....instead of two or three regular sized cans?  Yeah, it might just happen.

Course, this might get some idiots to thinking....a mini-mini....roughly five ounces of a super-sized shot can.

And the big-gulp freak....doing a forty-four ounce cup of Coke?  He might go into a convulsive type attitude when he sees someone drinking from a mini.  The next trend?  Maybe toilet paper, in a mini-type roll?  Persuade folks to use less toilet paper, with smaller sheets?  Maybe.