Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Pandora's Box

In Greek mythology, there's this nifty story over the Pandora's Box.  Once you open it got a bigger mess than you ever imagined.  So the story would leave you to the logic that if you know you got a Pandora's'd be best to avoid opening it...just let it sit there and avoid noticing it.

This past week, the NBA came around to realize that this Sterling character from San Diego....that got into all this racism stuff and was told he can't be an NBA owner.....decided he'd had enough of the NBA and the owner's association.  He's hired up a minimum of four different private detective organizations, and told them simple orders.  Go forth and find dirt on every NBA owner and all management folks within the NBA (the commissioner, etc).

Where this leads onto is a curious thing.  There are twenty-nine other owners, with twenty-nine other general managers who run the various other clubs.  Toss in the current NBA commissioner, and his staff of a dozen-oddball characters, and the previous commissioner.....and you've got roughly seventy-five people who will be pursued.

The odds here?  Ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, and journalists are likely holding on hundreds of tidbits on these seventy-five individuals.  I would imagine that at least twenty will have very serious allegations put out into public view and be forced to admit to stuff that wasn't supposed to go public.  Tax fraud allegations?  That will fall into the view as well.

I'm not sure if the NBA ever realized the Pandora's Box that it had, or considered the problems of dumping Sterling in the method that they did.  This might turn into a long hot summer for the NBA....a period where they usually talked trades or worked on contracts with the big names of the NBA.

The problem that you don't become a millionaire by being a saint.  You don't go around in life and nurture your self-respect or advise clean-living.....and become an NBA team  owner.  You don't get a new arena built in your town for your NBA team without threatening some city council member, or bribing some county commissioner.  You don't get certain players to sign with your club.....without the services of some special high-access hooker.  Go down the's a pretty detailed list of how the NBA functions in this world of capitalism and politics.

Yeah, the Pandora's Box is going to open up and we probably much will agree that Sterling was just one bad apple amongst twenty.  And then what?