Friday, 4 July 2014

How to View this Teen Immigrant "Mess"

Over the past two's become topic number one if you watch the news.  There are various slants over it....from the White House, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Latino agenda folks, the right-wing crowd, and journalists.  So five simple things that you ought to pause over and think about.

First, there's been indicators of increasing illegal immigrant teenagers.....for at least six months.  If you read through the comments by the Border Patrol crowd.....they admitted this back at the end of 2013.  It's not one's simple a continuing spiral of the same event.

Second, the numbers are now overwhelming the capability of the Border Patrol folks to handle.  They aren't minding the border.....they are minding the kids.  They won't say the mix, but I'd take a guess that less than fifty percent of the folks who would normally be on patrol daily.....are doing some type of kid-handling episode. Nothing indicates it will improve.

Third, most people who analyze this from south of the border....indicate that instability in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are helping drug-gangs to threaten in despair.....the logical step would be for younger kids who just want to get out of a find some safe haven....the US.  No, the President, the Democrats, and the agenda crowd....didn't create this....they simply failed to react.

Fourth, while this rests now as a top five problem....this administration has one great feature....they don't make quick or fast decisions or develop solutions in a matter of days.  This is a crowd that mostly gets to a point where the President thinks of his own solution.....demands implementation.....and everyone jumps on quickly.  Notice, there's not been one single suggestion of fixing this....other than immigration reform.  Immigration reform will not fix would only fix the problems of those who've been around in the US for a decade or two decades.

Five, if you have 300,000 teenage immigrants standing in the US by November timeframe....election period....what exactly do you think will happen to voters in southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas?  What happens in communities that wake to realize that they've got 1,500 teenage illegals sitting in a holding-community just a mile from the city limits?  Who pays for the illegals while they wait.....and wait.....and wait?

There are seven problems here: the drug-gangs, instability in Central America, political abuse of immigration, lack of a fence, limited leadership from the White House, news media pretending to be investigative, and a nation frustrated with politics.  As of this you see any of these being resolved?  I rest my case.