Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Immigration Solution

While most Americans suffer from amnesia.....I'm one of those who remembers the 1986 era, and the immigration act that was passed by House and Senate, and signed by President Ronald Reagan.  It was a done deal.  It was supposed to fix all ills, ensure conformity, set up a process to enter the US, and then hand out bulk forgiveness to roughly ten million illegals in the US (mostly from Mexico and Central America).

Well....thirty years later.....we are at the point where people pretend the 1986 act doesn't exist, and we need to repeat the process again, and then forgive roughly fifteen to twenty million illegals in the US.

So, after a number of months watching both political parties engage in comic talk and chatter, then observe news analysts do a one-star job explaining the problem.....I'd like to suggest five simple solution steps.

1.  Forget the'll never be built....both parties will fight to hand out money but then never do enough to get it built. all of the border control agents....dissolve the border.....and just plain forget it exists.  Whoever wants to cross the border....just needs to walk over.  If the Mexicans want to continue their part of border control....fine....but we don't need to waste time or effort on this.

2.  Anyone who wants to enter the US....may enter, period.   Doesn't matter if they are from Russia, Thailand, El Salvador or the Congo.  Just get on a in and announce yourself. Forget this garbage about being real friendly to Latinos.  Just open up the door, and let anyone arrive who desires.

3.  All new folks arriving....get to work immediately and pay taxes and social security.

4.  The voting deal?  Well....once you arrive and register yourself at some post start a fifteen-year process.  No arrests, no long-term desertion of the US (you get two weeks a year outside of the country without restarting the clock), pay your taxes, learn English.....then after fifteen get a voting right.

5.  What happens in three years?  With sixty million foreigners arriving in the US....we suddenly start to notice that Latinos are extremely unhappy because someone else is taking the work that they had secured in years past.  Some Thai guy....some Congo guy....some Russian gal....would all compete against the Latinos who had some political power at some point, but now are just one blip among sixty different blips.  

Fair is fair.  Unfair is unfair.  Too many political idiots are making this into a circus episode with no real achievement in the end-result.  So, let's play poker and push the stakes higher.  No limit poker, and make both Republicans and Democrats start to sweat....along with a bunch of illegal Latino guys.