Friday, 29 August 2014

Simply Observations

This morning's news indicates another recline-chair episode that occurred on some plane.  The stewardess got involved, and then got "touched" by some male passenger, which generally means she'll call an emergency.  Sky-marshall guys got involved and held the guy until they landed.  All related to another argument over someone trying to recline the seat beyond acceptance of the next row's passenger.  For two decades....I've been hyper about the seat business when flying.  American Airlines is one of the worst when it comes to depth of seats and knee allowance.  Iceland Air is one of the better airlines for "space".  "Seat-rage"?'s the best description of the mess.  It's bad enough now that they won't allow you to stand for an hour or two of the flight (as in the old days) give you some knee-relief.

I noticed in Billboard news that the record industry is admitting crossing another bad border.  For the weekly total....they went below four million....which is a pretty difficult point for the music industry to admit.  What's happening?  I think most folks woke up in the 1990s and realized that albums are sold with usually one decent song, two marginally good songs.....and the rest are garbage.  I reached a point in the 1990 timeframe where I just almost stopped buying albums because of the quality issue.  1979 was the last year where seven albums were released which had almost all four-star songs (The Wall, Highway to Hell by AC/DC, Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young, Breakfast in America by SuperTramp, Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, London Calling by the Clash, Regatta de Blanc by the Police).  It makes more sense today to just isolate the one single good 99-cents for it, and skip the rest of the album.

I kinda noticed that some Utah judge did a unhooking of the polygamy law....suggesting that not only were gays getting denied opportunities to marry....but real Mormon-enthusiasts....who want two or more wives.  Course, it'll go to the Utah state Supreme Court, and likely onto the US Supreme Court.  But I'm guessing within three years that you as a guy....just might be able to marry two women....or two other guys, if you desired that situation.  Yep, opening vast doors....that no one considered a decade ago.

Finally, Census numbers show around thirty-three percent of America is on some type of welfare or social program.  Yeah.....all-time record.  Who is paying and how long can we sustain this type of deal?  It might be interesting to ask the President or his administrative players what the magic numbers are, and if the nation could sustain forty-percent of folks on welfare or a social program.  The answer might shock folks.