Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Not That It Might Matter

Next Thursday is 9-11-2014.

Normally, it might not matter much.

But I sat and pondered through an article or two today.  The big airport area of Tripoli was taken over by Muslim extremists in the past week or two.....and around eleven aircraft....passenger planes....were part of the acquired assets taken.

You take those eleven, plus the still missing Malaysian jumbo jet lost out in the Pacific, and you can write a fairly dramatic and chaotic mess.....if suddenly twelve aircraft are noted on the Thursday morning of next week in the air and going somewhere with the intent of massive destruction on someone.

The Malaysian jet?  It has the legs to reach from the South Pacific to the coast of the US.  The Libyan eleven?  All had the range to reach into the heart of Europe or into Saudi Arabia, or into regions of Africa.

It shouldn't matter, and 9-11-2014 ought to pass on with no real issues.  But ISIS has come out this year, and for some reason.....there's this random thought that they might want to make a name for themselves.  So, one has to wonder about the capability of us hitting and taking down twelve passenger jets if required to.

Yeah, it shouldn't matter....but it does.

The Best That TV Has To Offer

I've noticed over the past decade, that the TV show crowd has kinda used every decent idea that they had....and we are at a crossroads where really weird ideas for scripts are being considered.

This week, someone finally got into the idea that NBC is developing....a scripted show on demons and exorcism.  Yeah, a weekly one-hour show where some family in Eugene, Oregon is having issues with some daughter, and there's a murder or two in the local community of a mysterious nature.  Naturally, the demonized daughter (maybe some of her friends)....might be involved in the murders (or maybe not).

You'd have to blend in some Catholic priest at some point.  He'd likely take on too much....have a heart attack.....and then some handsome playboy-turned-Twitter-user-turned-priest gets involved with the demonic daughter.

It's hard to find original material that really works anymore.  The formula for Friends?  Just throw six weird folks together in a New York city scenario, and oddly worked.  The deal for Steinfeld?  Four weird folks on an average day in New York City.  The Good Wife?  Run up a soap opera saga of some gal married to a political figure and having a rough day as a lawyer.

Lost suddenly opened up some vast door where you had odd characters, a five-star script, and went in some pretty odd directions that drew viewers.

The Big Bang Theory found some of the oddest characters that could exist....gave them a powerful script.....and just blasted away at the competition.  Jim Parsons (Sheldon) is probably giving one of the best performances of the past decade as a nutty scientist.  Millions sit and ponder over the dilemma of what they'd do if they screwed up the Mars Rover mission while showing the capability to their girlfriend.

TV is an odd thing.  Americans have become accustomed to creative TV as a moment of relaxation.  We want a guy like JR to exist and be hated and despised.  We want aliens to land and take over some town.  We want some guy to exist with two wives.  We want a guy to pack up from New York City and move to Hooterville with his hot lusty Hungarian wife.  And yes, we'd like to have a cat-eating alien named Alf to land, take over a bedroom in the house, and amuse us with his perceptions of our crazy human race.

As for the demon-gal from Eugene, Oregon?   Archie Bunker would sit an eye-to-eye moment....and tell her to drop the act.  Sheldon would suggest that she's been over-dosing on the Science Fiction Channel and needs to take up Physics as a hobby.  And Mister Ed would likely tell her the grass is greener if you just get back into reality, and help clean his stall once a week.  I'm pretty sure it's a one-season concept, and we will never know that both Mom and Dad were the actual demons and the young gal was just a bit crazed over doing too much sugar and smoking weed on the side.