Monday, 8 September 2014

The Olive Garden Deal

Olive Garden came out over the weekend with this odd gimmick number of "passes" to be sold (around 1,000)....for $100 each, which entitles you to unlimited pasta and drinks (soda or tea)....for seven weeks.  Yep, lunch and dinner.

You can figure out days by seven weeks (49 total days).  If you ate every day.....lunch and dinner, then your deal comes out to fifty-cents total.

A loss?  Yeah....there's no doubt about that.....but you get air-time and a number of news people talking about the gimmick.

I've probably been to Olive Garden around four times in my life, and regard it as a marginal Italian restaurant.  The salad is OK......the pasta is barely two-star.....and it's a decent place for lunch (exceptionally clean).  I don't know of anyone who ever got sick going there.  As for a place that you'd take a date?'s probably not that kind of place.

Years ago....I discovered Mister Getty's.....a pizza and pasta place that ran a lunch-time buffet deal, while I lived in Louisiana.  For roughly $ got all the pizza and pasta you wanted, with a ice-tea.  At one point, I probably ventured over there four times a week for lunch, and put on twenty pounds in one summer very easily.  Everything they served....had taste enhancers, and made you want to go back for more....sadly.

Large group of people to apply for the 'pass'?  Yeah......there might be a couple of thousand.  You see, there's one issue here.....after you've been there for lunch ten days will start to comment that you are tired of pasta.  After twenty days?  You will say you are sick of pasta.  And after thirty days?  You probably won't go back.

There might be two hundred folks who venture to buy the deal, and go twice a day for the entire 49 days.  These are people who can eat the same after day.  But that's two hundred folks out of three-hundred million.

Anyway......if you did have some desire for a good deal.....look into Olive Garden.