Thursday, 16 October 2014

Just Ebola Things to Ponder

At some point this morning, I read up on a new White House update....the President commented....that'd he'd hugged and kissed several Atlanta nurses who were handling Ebola patients there at Emory University Hospital.  He meant this in the way to reassure folks.

I sat there and pondered over this.  Knowing how things happen in the real world.

What is the policy if the President comes down with 103-degree temperature and gets sent off to quarantine?  Will VP Joe Biden take over during this brief period?  Is there an understanding on this already written down?

If the President comes down with do they sanitize the White House?  Burn every rug in the place?  How many weeks it take to disinfect the White House (I'd take a guess a crew of sixty might be able to finish the job in six weeks).

If the President and VP Joe are both sent off to there a procedure for Representative John Boehner (Rep) to take charge for two or three weeks?

If the President and VP Joe pass away, along with the next five folks on the succession list.....would Attorney General Eric Holder temporarily hold it until the Senate could approve a new Attorney General and then let that guy serve as President?

Would the Senate fall apart if forty of these old guys got Ebola and passed on.....leaving a whole big group to be quickly brought in and assume their Senate jobs?

If O'Reilly of Fox News got Ebola and passes on.....can Fox find a five-star dynamic guy to take over?

If the whole Supreme Court got Ebola and passed on......could President Obama find nine folks to satisfy the Senate and get them pressed into service?

If the Atlanta airport was noted as contaminated with Ebola.....could they ever clean it enough to satisfy the public that it was 'safe'?

Could you really trust any hotel in America....once we get up to ten thousand people in quarantine?

Would we have enough players on the Alabama NCAA football team to be there and win at the championship game in January?

You see....Ebola can take on various scenarios and present lots of problems which we just aren't thinking much about.  What if the seven guys who know the Coke recipe suddenly get Ebola and pass the recipe written in some form and can we ensure survival of this wonderful sugary drink?  You can sit there at night....after watching four hours of Ebola hype and wonder about a lot of stuff.