Monday, 3 November 2014

The Art and Death of Political Discussion

I've come to realize.....there's virtually nothing left....that doesn't turn into a political argument now.

Baseball, NCAA football, marriage, Duck Dynasty, lumbermills, religion, lack of religion, medicine, curable diseases, incurable diseases, mythical climate changes, real climate changes, drought, muppets, Coke and sugar content, Coke and fake sweetener, ditches, lakes, fishing, hunting, fast cars, slow cars, violent TV shows, adult humor TV shows, talk shows, gay marriage, early marriage at 16 years old, marrying for money, marrying for citizenship, city water, spring water, public toilets, beer, lack of beer, bingo, lotto, farming, 4th of July celebrations, Christmas, Christmas sales, racism, fake racism, drones, Ten Commandments, Bibles, smoking, campfires, walking on the beach, driving on the beach, traffic speeds, speed zones, neighborhood crime, books at the library, just getting a library, Columbus, Davy Crockett, George Bush, Ebola, drug prices, free birth control, cheap birth control, cheap housing, renovation permits, homeless people, urban yuppies arriving in rural communities, nuke power, solar power, wind power, Common Core, teacher pay, abusive grading, cheap college, college debt, faulty professors in college, wrestling, boxing, baggy pants, short skirts, tube tops, vacations, wilderness access, wilderness protection, roads into the wilderness, denying roads into the wilderness, PBS, NPR, wild critters, daylight savings time, minimum wage, maximum wage, immigration, limits on Americans wanting to leave lock-stock-and-barrel, clean water, sewage plants design, gays in military, military having enough bullets to fire, digital TV, FCC control over Rush Limbaugh, union membership, lack of unions, taxing the dead, taxing the living, dead voters, denying votes, voter ID, Chick-Fil-A, suicide, salt in food, calorie count, super-sized drinks, teenage drinking, adult drinking, Islam, weeds in a yard, green grass versus dead grass, overgrown grass, muffler noise, city park usage, homeless people sleeping under a bridge, aircraft safety, knee space on aircraft, late arrival times at airports, TSA, FBI, NSA, CIA, National Forestry, DC becoming a state, DC staying a district, AMTRAK, public transportation, fake liberals, fake conservatives, NASCAR, NFL, Civil War, WW II, Vietnam, Nazis, Communists, Tea Party, environmentalists, and grease content in food.

I could probably ramble on for 16,000 different political arguments.  Nothing has avoided political identification and attaching to some agenda for someone or some group.

Here in Germany, all was positive with wind power within the environmental groups....up until the last year when debate came for putting windmills on the Taurnus Ridge, north of Wiesbaden by a couple of miles.  These windmills would have be on the peaceful landscape that so many worship as never-ending.  Well....the windmill guys added up the wind-flow and know that the ridge offers some of the best areas around to catch wind and provide cheap and clean power.  So the environmental move group in support, one against.  Who would have predicted that?

Folks now get involved in your food.  That super-sized drink of 99 ounces?  Well.....some folks want to protect you, and some want to keep it on the table.

Some folks argue over the local library and its funding.  Some folks now argue about vehicle engine size and who needs eight-cylinder engines.  Some folks argue against city expansion while some argue for massive expansion.  Some folks argue about flea markets and limiting their vendors.  Some folks argue about the evils of liberalism, while others argue about the fake conservatives.

Forty years could have engaged five guys sitting under a tree, and at best....they would have thought up forty things to argue about.  Today?  The five guys could easily name a thousand things in one hour.  Nothing is untouchable in terms of attaching to one political agenda or the other.

Which leads me to wonder just how far this can go in the next twenty years?  Could you have one single issue develop within a single church and drive fifty-percent of the members away within six weeks?  Could you make your town so toxic that seventy percent of the voters would just stay home?  Could you have a dozen special interest groups existing in a town of a thousand people....working tirelessly to make everyone hostile to half the town?

Have  we reached a point where society is unable to function but simply argue things to a political end?