Saturday, 8 November 2014

Movie Review: Interstellar

I sat through 2.5 hours of the movie Interstellar yesterday.  Up until the last fifteen minutes of the was progressing as a great science fiction piece.  About seventy-percent into the movie, it hit you with two strange twists, and made the script into a terrific piece.

Then, it went weird.

It introduced some 5th-dimension reality (or falseness) and I just sat there shaking my head.  Nothing was explainable from that point on.  The last ninety seconds tied up most of the story, and you kinda appreciated that.....but for fifteen minutes it was a disaster.

So, my's worth going to.  The minute you get to where the pilot and gal near the end are retaking their ship.....walk out of the theater and be satisfied with the storyline at that point.  Don't stay and start asking "what the hell".

Oh, and I should note....this should help to confuse the global warming alarm, because we can now say that we intend to leave the planet once it's all screwed up and find a new those interstellar folks did.