Friday, 14 November 2014

When the Cops Show Up at the Door

There's an interesting story out of Buffalo, NY over guns and death.

There is a New York state law, which says that pistols, upon the death of the owner, may be taken by the local police from the family.  Naturally, this leads back to a database which you enter a New York resident and when you purchase a pistol from a legit dealer or store.  This doesn't affect shot-guns or long guns....but it does affect pistols.

To be honest, it's a law which no one in New York state has enforced, while on the books.  It was supposed to be a protective measure....taking pistols off the street.

Well....the Buffalo city cops decided to get into the middle of this, and plan to start looking over death notices, and showing up at the house to take the weapon.

As you can's set off a number of folks and made the whole thing into a hostile event.  The cops will attempt to take any and all weapons within the residence....while the law basically limited it to pistols only.  There is a method within the law where the cops must retain the weapon, and allow family members to establish a legal method of re-acquiring the gun.  In essence, more paperwork, and lawyer cost.

What bothers me about the whole that they are actively pursuing death notices to go after guns....but won't actively pursue dead voters who happen to vote in the last election.  No one has said much over how many dead guys voted in the 2014 election in Buffalo, but I'd be willing to take a guess that we'd find at least a dozen or more.

It used to be....cops were out there to protect the local community and be part of the infrastructure of your safety.  Now?  I think cops are more of the problem than the solution.

Put yourself at the doorway of a house.....having the recent elderly member of the house pass away, and some cop shows up to demand you hand over the five various pistols within the house, and hints that he can take all the weapons include the rifles.  You stand there.....already affected by the recent passing, and just feel a bit hostile over this intrusion.  A smart guy would ask for the court order, signed by the judge.  The cop would feel intimidated and try to talk his way around this.  You would eventually give up.

This all has a bad smell to papers used to screw people over and marginal law enforcement of no value.