Monday, 17 November 2014


It's expected within the next ten days....that the Grand Jury over the Ferguson, Missouri shooting will announce their results.  Currently, between the various leaks, it's a ninety-nine percent chance that the policeman involved will NOT be charged.

Generally, everyone is now expecting violence out of the results.  It's not even limited to violence in Ferguson anymore.  There's an expectation of violence in St Louis, and across the nation itself.

With the Arctic blast occurring right now and temperatures in the mid-section down at might be the best time to let the mess occur.  Most folks won't spend more than two or three hours outside, and the weather might influence the violence to be less.

As various pieces of the story have unfolded now.....I'm prone to say that the kid involved in the episode was not able to mentally function because he was likely doped up.  He was drawn toward intimidation toward the shop owner, as he robbed them of the cigars.  He was drawn toward intimidation as he walked down the middle of the road.  He was even drawn to the cop car and using his intimidation thrills to show his superiority.  He simply wasn't in control of himself that day.

I can review hundreds of papers per day and show you at least 500 Americans (men and women) who were doped up yesterday and did something stupid.  Some threatened their relatives or co-workers.  Some were prepared to kill their neighbors.  Some started fights over nothing.  And some of them are today.....dead.

As the violence starts up in Ferguson.....a few more people might be dead, and thus cause a tidal wave of doped-up threats and violence as their 'relief'.

This kid didn't have to die....but he needed to behave in a certain manner to survive.  And it just wasn't going to happen that way.

My prediction is a dozen business operations in Ferguson will be vandalized, and maybe even be burned out.  Those burned-out?  They won't come back or rebuild....leaving the charred building as a memorial to the community and it's decay.  The public will complain about this as they move ahead in spring of 2015.....but no idiot would dare put down some capital to rebuild when it's just not that safe.

Just another day in America.