Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Simply Observations

News folks in Missouri say that the governor has activated the national guard, and will position them this weekend for Ferguson violence expected from the Grand Jury episode.  The general expectation here is that you will see a couple of folks killed by either the authorities, the violent folks, or just innocent bystanders.  So, we repeat the whole Grand Jury process with several more potential murders, and more probes.  Yeah, some kinda of stuck-in-a-time-loop episode like they used to do on Star Trek.

Not that it really matters, but I noticed that C-SP*N has set up a another special call-in number.  There's already one for Republicans, Tea-Party folks, Democrats, Independents, and on some occasions....environmentalists.  The new dedicated number?  For illegals to call in and voice their comments.  You can sit there and imagine some bored college kid in Auburn.....calling in and portraying himself as Juan....an illegal from Honduras....attending Auburn.....and being mostly conservative and against other illegals.  The question is....how long will the idiot from C-SP*N sit there and let the kid play out this game before they wise up to realize it was a bogus illegal guy?

There's a fed case proceeding against a guy who trains folks on how to lie their way through a federally mandated lie-detector interview.  What the feds say....is that the guy has violated mail fraud standards and obstructed justice....by training folks how to make it through a lie-detector.  The guy in this case.....has been around the business for over thirty years and knows every single weakness of the whole gimmick.  It might be curious to see how far the fed's get in this case, and if the judge just stars laughing half-way through it.

Finally, I noticed governor Jerry Brown of California is hinting of running for President yet again.  Brown ran for the presidential primary in 1976, 1980, and 1992.  His youth hurt him in the 1976 run against Jimmy Carter.  The incumbent nature of Carter hurt him in 1980, and he never could overcome Bill Clinton's positive nature in 1992.  As for now....twenty-four years later?  He's seventy-six, and way too old for the job.  A youthful Jerry Brown working in the new internet era?  He'd probably pull sixty-percent of the Democratic vote in the primary easily.  He just came up in the wrong era.