Monday, 24 November 2014

New Car Smell (NCS)

The President delivered a speech yesterday in Henderson, NV.  Like a majority of his speeches over the past two didn't really say much or present some massive appeal.  But he had this one thought.....that people now wanted a "new car smell" when 2016 rolls around.....meaning a different type President.  The hint here....was Hillary Clinton.

I sat and pondered over the expression of "new car smell".  At some point when I was a kid....maybe six or dad took me to the local Ford dealer in Florence, Alabama as part of the process to deal them down on a particular car he was interested in buying.  The original thought when I sat in the 'dream car' for the first time....was that it had a smell.  It was a pleasant plastic-like smell.  I remarked about this and my dad introduced me to the word "new car smell" (NCS, as I will call it).

NCS, when sniffed.....smells new and exciting.  The truth is, if you had stepped into a brand-new 1976 American Motors Pacer.....made out of Kenosha, had NCS and you felt empowered.  Two thousand miles later, the NCS was gone and you found certain things lacking in the Pacer.

The 1971 Ford Pinto had NCS.....and bad fuel tanks.

The old Chevrolet Chevette had great NCS upon delivery, and sixty-thousand miles later....was a piece of crap.

Is NCS oversold?  I've noticed over the past decade a new gimmick sold around Wal-Mart.....NCS spray.  It's a nifty scent that makes you think your six-year old Ford pick-up is just as nice as it was on day one.....with enough spray.  Some guys with a twenty-two year old GMC will spray a whole can of the stuff into the truck....hoping to get that one last good feeling out of the vehicle before they dump it.

I've noticed that NCS is available now for home fragrance options.  You could probably turn your bathroom into a nifty new Ford vehicle....if you could just talk your wife into allowing you to position a NCS device near the toilet.

Would NCS work in politics?  Frankly, no.

We'd basically need NCS, dynamic anti-lock legislative brakes, Republican-grip tires, Democrat-blue-dog fog lights, anti-theft protection working twenty-four hours a day, and less show-room antics (Sunday chatty shows) by the "salesmen".  No, NCS just won't be enough.

I worked around with a guy while living in DC.....who by his late fifties....had come to admit that he'd never owned a new car.  I questioned him about this fact.  He rattled off at least twenty-five different of which he only had for six weeks.  All were used.  Most were three to six years old when bought, and were used for two years.  He had this only buy vehicles that were 'broke-in' (as he put it) and had less than fifty thousand miles.  Once they hit one-hundred thousand miles, he traded them in.  I commented to him that he'd missed the NCS moment, and his response was that the scent rated near one-hundred on his list of things about a car that mattered.  To add insult to NCS....he even rated AM/FM radio options on a car at number ninety-nine.  I should add.....he was a building maintenance guy and typically drove more than eighty miles a day on average.

I don't know the crowd that hangs around the President, or the type of talk that occurs at the water-cooler at the White House.  Maybe this past week.....two or three guys got to talking about buying a new car, and someone simply said NCS in the middle of a conversation, and the President picked up on the comment.....thinking it applied to the President's office as well.  I'm humble enough to think it simply occurred like that, and simply got worked into a President's speech.

So, if you do feel you need a NCS moment with a new President....just's roughly 2.1 years away and you might want to think long and hard over whether you want a Republican NCS scent, or a Democratic NCS scent.  For some of matters.